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Teambuilding Games for Youth: 10 Top Activities for Teen Bonding

teambuilding games for youth

Teambuilding games for youth help teens learn to work together. With these activities, kids can discover one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Plus, they can just generally get to know each other better…while having fun.

These 10 teambuilding games for youth are great for bonding and growing. Try them with a youth group, small group, sports team, staff training event, and more.

Many factors make up good teambuilding games for youth. Using a variety of ideas works best to help your group learn to work together. Here are the main factors I’ve considered for the 10 games below:

  • If the activity brings out kids’ strengths and weaknesses
  • If it allows the group to form and discover roles
  • How easy it is to run
  • Whether it helps group members bond

10 Teambuilding Games for Youth

Enjoy these fun activities with teens!

10. Creeping Closer

If one player makes a mistake and gets caught, it impacts the whole team. This provides an interesting challenge for a team to work together without talking out loud.

9. Spot The Difference

This will test a team’s observation and memory skills. How will kids work together to achieve the best result?

8. Actionary

This team-building activity gives each team member a short time in the spotlight. They have a chance to act, sculpt, or draw. Bonus: This activity reveals hidden talents to the rest of the team. Recommended!

7. Cup Stack Relay

In this skills-based relay game, one player stacks the cups. Then the next player collapses them. Individuals receive a “time to shine,” and the rest of the team can cheer them on and encourage them.

6. Table Topics

Another quick and simple idea, this doesn’t involve much preparation. It might be a good lunchtime activity for your small group or corporate team. Provide some cards with questions, and away they go…