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Bible Trivia for Teens: Questions That Grow Scripture Knowledge

Bible trivia for teens
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Bible trivia for teens is a great way to grab kids’ attention, spark their curiosity, and keep them engaged in God’s Word. Nothing about Scripture is “trivial,” that’s for sure. All the people, places, and events mentioned throughout the Bible matter. Together, they tell the story of God’s redemptive plan through his Son, Jesus.

You can use Bible trivia for teens or a Bible quiz format for icebreakers, lesson introductions, and games. Adapt the material for your group, knowing that some kids are brand-new to faith while others are lifelong churchgoers.

As you study specific books of the Bible, you can find Bible trivia for teens tailored to each topic. By repeating facts and themes, you’ll help teens absorb and remember Scripture. Then they’ll be able to recall and rely on God’s Word at any time.

Bible questions for youth groups don’t need to be competitive. Even if kids answer questions in teams, keep the format focused on learning, not winning.

Although you can create your own Bible trivia for teens, loads of questions are available online. Also search youth ministry resources for solid materials for kids. For even quicker results, check out all the sources below. Then have a blast using Bible trivia for teens (and tweens)!

Bible Trivia for Teens: 12 Sources of Quiz Material

Here are some top choices for Bible trivia material. Now let the Bible quizzing begin!

1. Bible Baddies

First, bad guys usually intrigue teens. So check out this trivia-filled video about Bible villains. Then explore all the other categories and choose topics that will capture kids’ attention.

2. Trivia by Testament

Next, consider using trivia that’s specific to the Old Testament or New Testament.

3. Choose the Level of Difficulty

We like these options of Bible knowledge, from easy to very difficult.

4. Bible Quizzes to Search

Review this vast collection of Bible trivia to find exactly what you need. Teens will enjoy these Scripture-knowledge challenges.

5. Video Quiz

Bookmark this six-minute Bible quiz. Then play the video as kids arrive for a Bible study or youth group meeting.

6. Try a Speed Round

If you choose easier Bible trivia for teens, fire off the questions during a speed-round game.