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What Does the Bible Say About Transgender: Insights From Scripture

what does the Bible say about transgender
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What does the Bible say about transgender people? That’s a hot-button topic every youth leader should prepare to address. Kids have questions about sexuality and gender identity. They want to know what Scripture does and doesn’t say about those issues.

Preteens and teens might feel uncomfortable asking parents or teachers about transgenderism. But don’t shy away from matters of sexuality in your youth ministry or small groups. What better place for kids to learn how God designed our bodies!

So offer a judgment-free zone. Encourage kids to be respectful. Then provide study materials and start exploring what the Bible says about transgender.

To begin, here are 10 resources about the transgender debate. Browse them to find materials that match your church or denomination’s teachings. Pro Tip: Talk to your senior pastor beforehand. Also let parents know you’ll be discussing transgender issues.

What Does the Bible Say About Transgender People?

Use these links to learn more about transgenderism. Then help kids explore what Scripture says about transgender people—and how we should treat them.

1. A Letter to a Transgender Student

First, read this heartfelt message. It’s from a youth leader to a student who identifies as transgender.

2. God Created Men & Women

Next, read the Creation account from Genesis. Then use current events to dive into discussions about transgenderism.

3. Parental Rights & Transgender Kids

Other good conversation starters revolve around the rights of parents and teens. At what age can kids make decisions about their own bodies?

4. Transgenderism & Sports

Christian athletes such as Bethany Hamilton are vocal about competing against trans athletes. Discover what your kids think about the controversial topic.

5. Condoning Transgenderism

Preacher Alistair Begg sparked controversy by advising a woman to attend her trans grandchild’s wedding. Does attending an LGBTQ wedding mean you’re endorsing that lifestyle? Does having a gay or lesbian friend mean you’re OK with homosexuality? Help kids talk through these tough questions, using Scripture as a guide.