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Summer Youth Activities Can Offer Teens Spontaneous, Surprising Fun

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Summer youth activities are a win, especially when they’re spontaneous and fun. Discover how to inject spur-of-the-moment excitement into summertime programming.

By now you’re either neck-deep in summer activities or about to jump into the frenzy. (Just looking at our youth group’s summer calendar makes me tired!). So you probably don’t want to add extra stuff to your plate. But you should.

You should add a few activities that nobody knows you’re adding…until the last minute. Adding a few spontaneous summer youth activities is a great way to insert sizzle into kids’ summer!

Why Kids Need Spontaneous Summer Youth Activities

Here are three important benefits of summer spontaneity:

1. Spontaneous activities mess up the summer schedule.

Yes, that’s a good thing. Most kids get into a predictable summer rhythm. And events you planned months ago fall into that. Throwing in a few spontaneous activities perks up the dog days of summer.

2. Spontaneous summer youth activities benefit procrastinators and newcomers.

Some teens missed the summer camp registration deadline. Some are so busy they forgot to sign up for the beach bonfire. Or they recently started attending youth group and didn’t have the intel to schedule their summer according to your calendar. Spontaneous activities give the procrastinator and the newcomer the chance to participate in a few fun events!

3. Spur-of-the-moment activities lower expectations. 

When you decide at the last minute to show a movie after youth group, or send a group text that you’re treating everybody who shows up to lunch at Taco Bell, the bar is fairly low. Because you didn’t spend weeks promoting the activity, you don’t feel the pressure for a high turnout. Because they know it’s a last-minute activity, students and parents realize it’s mostly a fun excuse to hang out a while.