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Summer Youth Ministry Planning: How to Ramp Up Your Program

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Need tips for summer youth ministry planning? Then check out this advice from student ministry expert Kurt Johnston.

Summer is a great season for youth workers. For some, things slow down a bit and you finally get some breathing room. For others, the season is packed with tons of extra events and activities.

Whether you’re swinging in a hammock more often or staying late preparing for tomorrow’s youth event, you can “up” your program this season. Check out these three steps for summertime success.

Youth Ministry Planning: 3 Ways to “Up” Your Summer

1. Grow Up!

Summer is a great time to read the latest youth ministry, leadership, or personal growth book. Tackle what’s been sitting on your shelf or taking up space on your device.

Fall is a great time to say to folks around you, “This summer I was reading and….”

2. Show Up!

Where can you show up in June, July, and August and have your presence be a welcomed surprise? Can you pop into the senior adults potluck and love on the older generation of your church? Maybe your own parents have grown to expect you to miss family stuff because of your summertime youth ministry schedule?

Taking the time to show up unexpectedly sends an important message. It conveys to other people that the ministry you lead isn’t the only important aspect of your life.