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4 Truths the Next Generation Needs to Know About the Church

You don’t have to look far to find stats, articles, or books on what’s wrong with the church today and how the next generation of young people is leaving in droves upon their high school graduation.

Easter Drama Skits: 8 Powerful Presentations for Church Youth Groups

Teens at your church will enjoy preparing and sharing Easter drama skits that celebrate the empty tomb. Easter skits can have powerful impacts on viewers and performers alike.

Writing a Great Youth Pastor Job Description

Looking for a good youth pastor can be difficult. It helps to have a great youth pastor job description. Trust me, I know. Not only have I served as a youth pastor, but I have also now hired several youth pastors in my various senior-level roles. 

Youth Group Easter Lessons: Putting Jesus’ Resurrection on Trial

Let’s make sure that all teens in our youth ministry programs are rock-solid in their knowledge of Easter’s meaning. Youth group Easter lessons are a great way to teach and reinforce the good news that Jesus is risen!

Encouraging Words for Volunteers: 16 Things People Need to Hear

What kind of messages are you sending to youth ministry helpers? These 16 encouraging words for volunteers will keep them coming back for more.

Youth Ministry Plan: How to Run a Strategic Program

Throughout the years, I've learned valuable tools for making a strategic youth ministry plan. Check out these 5 steps and see how you can apply them at your church!

Youth Ministry Scavenger Hunt: New Twists on a Teen Favorite

Check out this Ultimate Youth Ministry Scavenger Hunt, featuring a bunch of quirky twists and tips for added fun!

Expectations of a Pastor: 10 Duties Every Youth Minister Must Fulfill

Job applicants need to know what's expected of them. This is especially true in church settings, where expectations of a pastor or youth leader must be clear.

Words to Describe Church: Essential Adjectives for Your Youth Ministry

God has been challenging me to redefine our youth ministry. So I'm using new words to describe church. Discover the four adjectives I focus on now.

Encouraging Words for Youth From the Bible: Uplift Teens With Scripture

Kids need to hear that God created them in his image and has a divine purpose for them. That’s why it’s helpful to have a list of encouraging words for youth from the Bible.

Personal Christian Retreat: An Outline for Spiritual Renewal

For years, I've taken a regular personal Christian retreat. The getaway is a staple for renewing my mind and heart. Find out how to take your own retreat!

Genesis Bible Lessons for Youth: The Beginning of God’s Story

Genesis Bible lessons for youth offer teenagers a solid foundation for Christian faith. Use these free lessons—on Creation, Abraham, and Joseph—in your ministry!

10 Minute Worship Ideas Add Variety to Your Middle School Ministry

Middle school students often thrive on competition and social atmospheres. So the challenge of 10 minute worship ideas goes over really well.

Youth Lessons on Sin: How to Answer Kids’ Sticky Questions

Teenagers ask tough questions, which makes youth ministry immensely rewarding yet also challenging. Lately I've felt especially challenged when teaching youth lessons on sin

Late Pickup: How to Handle Tardy Parents at Ministry Events

In your youth ministry, how do you handle late pickup by parents? Check out these suggestions for that tricky but common dilemma.

Church Program Order of Service: Ideas for Planning Youth Worship

No perfect, one-size-fits-all church program order of service exists. But I do believe the perfect order exists for a youth worship experience.

Night Games for Youth: Light Up Your Next Teen Gathering

Youth group games provide loads of laughs, help teens bond, and can even yield important lessons. When you’re meeting in the evening, break out some fun, fast-paced night games for youth.

Cliques in Church Youth Groups: 7 Steps to Include All Teens

Cliques are the enemy of healthy community and faith growth. Use these 7 steps to avoid cliques in church youth groups.

The Failure of Youth Ministry (And How To Fix It!)

Youth ministry is broken and needs fixed. By God’s grace, we can and through his “divine power”, we will.

Why Youth Ministry Is Important

I have been serving teens now for 15 years as a volunteer and on staff at different churches, and I still need to be reminded why youth ministry is important. I need to be reminded because the truth is that student ministry can be difficult.

Church Was Built on ‘Lies, Deceit, Abuse, Rape, and Fear’: Another...

Jessi Kline posted a statement on Facebook claiming that one of John Lowe II’s relatives, Jeremy, raped her when he babysat for her and her brother when they were “young, prepubescent children.”

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