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Prayer Games for Youth Group: Help Your Teens Grow Closer to God

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Prayer games, activities, and stations at youth group meetings remind students to talk with God often. Sharing our praises, needs, and requests with God is an act of worship and trust.

Youth group games are fun, nonthreatening ways to build community. Icebreakers and activities put people at ease and help them get to know one another better. But games can also have a spiritual point, leading to lasting reminders of Bible lessons.

Prayer games are a great example of youth activities that are entertaining yet meaningful. By combining fun and fellowship with spirituality, youth leaders help make prayer part of kids’ everyday lives. And tying the prayer games into Bible verses leads to lasting faith connections.

A consistent focus on prayer yields personal and group benefits. Prayer is both an act of worship and an intimate activity. Joining hands and hearts in prayer results in a supportive Christian community that students can trust.

So carve out time for prayer at every youth group meeting and event. Encourage kids to share their prayer requests as well as answers to prayer. And use the prayer games below to break the ice, break down barriers, and create Christian camaraderie and lasting friendships.

Purposeful Prayer Games for Teens

Need fresh ideas for prayer-related games? Here are some creative, active suggestions to try with teens. Choose the activities that fit best with your group’s size and personality.

1. Prayer Pictionary

First, have kids form teams. Then each team takes turns drawing a specific prayer request while the others guess what it is. This game encourages teamwork while sparking meaningful conversations about the power of prayer. (Note: This works best for praises and for prayer requests that are more upbeat.)

2. Prayer Jenga

Next, try a creative twist on the classic wood-stacking game. Write prayer prompts on each Jenga block. Then, as players pull out a block, they must share a personal prayer related to that prompt. This game encourages group members to be vulnerable with one another as they open up about their spiritual journeys.

3. Powerful Prayer Games

Use these 16 ideas to teach teens about the power (and privilege) of prayer. For example, check out the Laundry Prayer game, the Blindfolded Drawing game, and the Microwave Prayer game.

4. Guided Prayer Game

This creative activity is both an icebreaker and a guided prayer. Bonus: It features colorful M&M’s candies!

5. Fun Prayer Games

Browse this long list of prayer games for activities kids will love. Some are for younger children but can be adapted for preteens and teens.