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3 Common Fears of Every Young Leader

3 Common Fears of Every Young Leader

I’m convinced.

After years mentoring younger leaders, there is something all of us leaders with more experience need to know.

Every young leader shares some common fears.

Granted, I’ve mostly worked with young male leaders (and I am the parent of boys), but I suspect these fears aren’t gender exclusive.

And they aren’t talked about much—or even admitted. The pressure to perform often keeps us from admitting fear—but they are real fears.

Three fears of every young leader:

Am I good enough?

Have I got what it takes?

What happens if I fail?

Common, legitimate fears.

Do you want to make a difference in the life of a young leader? Help them answer these questions—in the affirmative.

Help them believe in themselves. Help them discover that inner strength—that God-given grace—that God-given talent—that helps them weather any storm and overcome any obstacle that may get in the way of being all God has called them to be.

Seasoned leaders, this is a great pursuit for us. Find the young leaders who need to hear our words of affirmation. Something tells me we can help build a future. And—in the process—we will leave a legacy.