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How to Spread the Gospel: 21 Ways Teens Can Evangelize

More Ideas for How to Spread the Gospel!

11. Evangelize people who call you at home to sell you something. (Even if they don’t believe, they’ll surely stop calling you!)

12. Share Jesus with people who call the wrong number. (I once led a woman to Jesus like this. It was awesome!)

13. Learn to ask, admire and admit.

14. Invite the next Mormon missionaries who come to your door in and share Jesus. Offer them snacks (but not coffee!).

15. Start every day with this prayer: “God, give me an opportunity to share the Gospel today.” God will answer. Look for it!

16. Be on the lookout for natural ways to make “salvation segues” in your everyday conversations.

17. Send your teens to the closest Dare 2 Share conference. Thousands of kids have come to Christ through these events!

18. Invite someone to an outreach meeting at church or in your community. Then ask them what they thought of it.

19. Start a spiritual discussion group (school, neighborhood, etc) Gospel Journey is a great resource for this!

20. Take someone to a movie with spiritual themes. Afterward, go out together and talk about it.

21. Watch The Bible series with another family. Use it as a way to bring up the Gospel (that shouldn’t be difficult!).

What other ideas do you have for how to spread the Gospel? Please share them in the comments below.

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