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Thanksgiving Sunday School Lesson: Cultivate Gratitude in Young Hearts

It's important for children's ministry programs to offer regular emphasis on gratitude. Here are some insights and ideas for a Thanksgiving Sunday school lesson.

How Can We Welcome Kids to Big Church?

Many churches are returning to worship with all ages included in their church services. So they're asking how they can be intentional about welcoming children and students into "big church." Here are 10 tips to do just that.

Spanish Christian Songs for Kids: 9 Music Resources

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, here's a list of Spanish Christian songs for kids. Singing is a great way for children to begin a bilingual journey!

3 Tough Questions Kids Ask About God (and How to Answer Them)

How would you answer tough questions kids ask about God? Sometimes in children’s ministry, kids ask hard questions. So today I’d like to tackle three tough questions kids ask about God. Hopefully these will help guide you the next time a child asks a stumper.

Bible Verses to Memorize: 52 Scriptures for Children to Learn

Download this printable list of 52 easy but powerful Bible verses to memorize. For children, learning God's Word can be rewarding and fun!

Be a Better Children’s Ministry Leader: 18 Foolproof Strategies

Are you satisfied with how you lead your ministry? Starting today, you can take steps to be a better children's ministry leader. Here are a bunch of ideas—in no particular order—to help you lead better.

Go to Hell: Is That Our Unspoken Attitude Toward Kids?

Sometimes I feel as if children's ministry programs are failing our core mission, essentially telling kids to go to hell. Let me explain...

6 Ways to Integrate a Special Needs Ministry at Your Church

The families of those with special needs feel supported, knowing their loved ones feel comfortable and confident in their environment, and are valued members of the church family. The church is called to special needs ministry.

Bible Literacy – Equipping Children to Navigate the Bible

Teaching Bible literacy skills should be an integral part of our children’s ministry in order to equip children for life today and to lay a firm foundation for their future.

Trunk or Treat Games for Church: 12 Fun Activities to Try This Fall

Fun, festive activities such as carnivals, hayrides, and Trunk or Treat nights lead to lots of smiles and great memories. Plus, they’re a nonthreatening way to introduce people to your church. Discover a bushel of Trunk or Treat games for church that you can try this fall.

Voices With Ed Stetzer: A Missiological Assessment of Critical Race Theory II

D.A. Horton brings CRT’s themes to Scripture for an objective measurement of its claims.. Pastor Horton is a Latino missiologist, academic and author, and his latest book, Intensional, delves into ethnic reconciliation.

9 Ways You Can Encourage Families to Make a Return Visit

Based on my church shopping experience, I have decided to make a list of ways to encourage new families to make a return visit to church.

Insights From John Piper About Celebrating Halloween

How does your church and children's ministry handle Halloween? Join pastor and Bible teacher John Piper to hear his thoughts about the "tricky" secular holiday.

Children’s Ministry Leadership Lessons: 5 Must-Know Insights

Take a look at these children's ministry leadership lessons. I'll bet a few just might surprise you!

How Your Church Can Support Family Worship

You can begin working towards more and more times where, through family worship, the family experiences faith formation together with their faith community.

Teaching the Bible to Kids

There are many ways that parents can learn teaching the bible to kids and help them understand key lessons that can enhance their lives at any age.

Can You Recognize the Behaviors of a Traumatized Child ?

A trauma-informed church understands how a crisis affects children. Do you recognize traumatized child behaviors?

10 Psalms for Children to Learn About in Sunday School and Church

Because the psalms don’t provide the typical story-style teaching of Scripture, children’s ministry lessons often overlook them. But Psalms is still an important Bible book for kids to know about.

5 Big Feelings Our Kids Are Feeling Right Now

I have heard five statements from my kids and friends’ kids that I feel express five big feelings (significant emotions) that many children are dealing with.

Largest Children’s Ministries: Tips From America’s Top KidMin Programs

Here's an inside look at what some leaders from the largest children's ministries in America are doing and saying.

Report: Holocaust Denial Persists on Facebook One Year After Push to...

A new report from the Anti-Defamation League shows that while Facebook has removed major Holocaust denial posts on its platform, gaps in enforcing its ban remain one year after it went into effect.

Gerardo Martí: What Pastors Need to Learn From the Collapse of...

Dr. Gerardo Martí joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss Robert H. Schuller's remarkable success with the Crystal Cathedral—and why Schuller's influential ministry collapsed so suddenly.

Children's Ministry Leaders