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Do Animals Go to Heaven? How to Answer Your Child’s Questions

Do animals go to heaven? Discover what the Bible says and how you can respond to kids who ask if pets go to heaven when they die.

How To Raise A Generous Child

Our children will either be “givers” or “takers” in society, and that will be greatly influenced by the life they live in our homes.

Children’s and Youth Leaders: It’s Not a Competition

The fact that we engage as though there is a competition is a problem. We are called to make disciples.

Skipping Church: Discover How It Really Affects Your Children

Could skipping church affect your children more than you realize? Should you let your kids skip? Discover the impacts when parents let their kids opt out of attending worship.

When Tragedy Strikes: How To Talk to Kids About Shootings and Death

Talking about sorrow and death is something that we, as parents, do not do well. In my experience, many pastors are not much better.

The Great Ministry Myth: Why Fun and Games Won’t Lead to Lifelong Faith

We can make disciples without curriculums and crafts. However, there are some things we actually DO need if we are going to make disciples who are on a lifelong journey of faith formation.

Help for Single Dads: How Your Church Can Support These Men

Help for single dads is often overlooked. When many people think “single parent,” they think of a single mom. But single-father households are on the rise, so churches need to know how to minister to them.

Teaching Kids Truth in an Age of Confusion

The world is confused, but your kids don’t have to be. You can help your children navigate truth in a culture of confusion. 

Benefits of Journaling: Teach This Spiritual Discipline to Children

The benefits of journaling — especially Bible journaling — are profound. Even children can benefit from this spiritual discipline. Discover how!

Do Dogs Go to Heaven: How to Answer Kids’ Tough Questions

Do dogs go to heaven? Do cats? What about goldfish? What will you tell children when they inquire about their beloved departed animals?

Touchscreen Toddlers: Navigating Technology With Little Ones

With each upcoming generation, it seems they are entering the digital era at younger and younger ages. Even toddlers are engaging with technology and digital content.

Biblical Girl Names: 11 Resources for Choosing Faith-Based Baby Names

Biblical girl names are making a comeback. And Christian parents are diving deeper into Scripture for ideas. Check out all these Bible-based baby names for girls!

Church Security: Please Don’t Make Any of These 10 Safety Mistakes

Church security must be a priority these days. Every congregation wanting to grow needs to focus on safety, especially in children's ministry.

Memorial Day Sunday School Lesson: We Remember & Honor

Use this Memorial Day Sunday school lesson to help elementary children understand and honor people who’ve served.

Parachute Candy Drop: A Fun Outreach Idea for Kids & Families

A parachute candy drop is a great outreach idea for your church’s children’s ministry. Discover how easy and effective this activity can be!

Allergy Friendly Treats: Offer KidMin Snacks That All Children Can Enjoy

Allergy friendly treats are vital for children's ministry programs. Use these resources when gathering snacks to serve kids at church.

The Rule of 3: An Intergenerational Lens for Ministry

Simply put, the Rule of Three ensures that at least three generations are present in any given situation.

Mother’s Day Sunday School Crafts, Games, Lessons & Ideas Galore

Celebrate all the women in your church with these sweet Mother's Day Sunday school crafts, games, lessons and more!

Thank You Notes for Children’s Ministry Volunteers & Leaders

Thank you notes for children's ministry volunteers and leaders are always a blessing. Use or adapt this wording to express appreciation for the folks who keep your program running!

Childlike Faith: How to Help Your Students Have Faith Like a Child

Childlike faith isn’t just for kids. Throughout Scripture, Jesus tells his followers to have faith like a child. Discover ways to nurture childlike faith among kids at your church.

Gary McIntosh: The Surprising Roles All Pastors Take and the ‘Number...

Dr. Gary McIntosh joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to offer advice about how pastors should navigate the responsibilities that are part of their jobs and also shares specific insights about church leaders who are pastoring without any other paid staff to assist them.

Children's Ministry Leaders