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How can you use technology to help you do a better job in your ministry? What’s available and how do you decide what’s right for your church? There are so many considerations, it can get overwhelming.

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Jason Bourne’s Basics For Youth Pastors: Developing Tactical Thought, Mastering Biblical Languages, and Leveraging...

I am obsessed with Jason Bourne.  In fact, I have been known to dream about getting into the CIA.  If I am bored and nothing...

5 Reasons You Should Twitter in Church

To tweet in church or not to tweet in church? That is the question.

Why Mobile Technologies Will Force Churches to Change

There have only been a handful of technologies that fundamentally changed how churches function on a day-to-day basis: Electricity, Central A/C &...

Worship Leaders, You're Killing Us

Veteran tech director, Mike Sessler, examines the difficult relationship between spontaneity and presentation software.

Technology that Doesn’t Keep It’s Promises

Seth Godin has a telling reminder about how broken promises can deal significant damage to a business and brand as it keeps on being...

Tech Efficiency on a Dime

A volunteer tech leader in a small to medium sized church requires two things: you've gotta work fast, and you've gotta work free (or cheap).

Thankful For Multi-Site and Tech Innovation

Outreach Mag has released some facts and figures surrounding the Multi-Site movement of ministries and churches and of course I hunted for any...

Tech Arts Burnout

When tech supersedes people, burn out happens.

Preparing Your Audience for a Short Film

Short films are more than just content for your services. They're a cultural vehicle waiting to be driven.

For the Sake of Your Soul, Keep It Simple

If social media is at the heart of your ministry, some rules of usage may be in order.

A Unique Way To Increase Your Tech Budget

“How do I get more budget for technology we need?” is a question I get from church tech arts leaders. My answer includes...

Microphones in Worship: Drums

Getting a good drum mix isn't rocket science; it's experimentation.

Churches Embrace Technology More and More

Nearly 80% of churches maintain websites today, a 70% increase from 2006.

The Death of Christian Media

It’s not just about changing technology; it’s about how that change impacts behavior.

Technology And Small Groups – Part 2

Churches could encourage the formation of online groups, groups that may never meet in person.

Technology and Personal Ministry

Ministry and community are a huge part of what the local church is and should be about. But in the age of the...

Technology Always Impacts Someone

A great reminder article here reminding us that technology always impacts someone: We also need to be aware that technological change always affects people ...

Wired for Divine Experience

Worship is, first and foremost, a human experience with God.

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Kara Powell: This Is What Young People Need from Adults Right...

“This is an anxious season," says Dr. Kara Powell, and there is a good chance social isolation will foster depression and suicidal ideation in our youth. Here is what you need to know to help the young people in your life.