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Preaching About It *IS* Doing Something About It

It seems like all “we” do is preach about problems without actually doing something about them.

After Easter – 5 Vital Steps for What Comes Next

Is the singing and shouting over? Jesus encountered the disciples on Easter Sunday, but what after Easter: about Monday, or Tuesday, or beyond?

Celebrate Easter Week: But Choose Carefully!

This week, Church Leaders face a dizzying array of choices. Choose carefully, pastor!

Why Does Paul Use That Downer Verse From Psalm 44 in Romans 8?

Psalm 44 is still going to happen to you as a Christian. That means you are going to at times feel like God has “sold his people for a trifle”.

How to Format Your Sermon to Maximize Personal Connection

What do the sermon notes you preach from look like? Have you ever thought about it? The way you format your sermon notes will partly determine how much you look at them.

5 Different Ways to Prepare a Sermon: Pastors Share Their Secrets

It’s interesting how many different ways different pastors prepare a sermon. Five different pastors share what a week of sermon prep looks like for them.

50% of Pastors Don’t Believe They Have Strong Preaching

You may never be as good as your strong preaching idol, but that’s not your calling or goal. Your goal is to be the best version of yourself.

4 Christmas Lessons From Joseph of Nazareth

We get the Christmas story from the scriptures. Good preaching highlights the fact that Christmas stories are also scripture Christmas lessons.

15 Great Christmas Sermon Tips Every Preacher Needs

There's no shortage of advice for Christmas sermons -- and we need all the help we can get! Peter Mead of BiblicalPreaching.net offers 15 practical suggestions for Christmas sermons.

Making Disciples: 3 Texts You Must Preach

We're called to fulfill the Great Commission, which means making disciples. Here are three foundational passages for anyone who longs to preach about something more than a fire-insurance relationship with Jesus.

7 Deadly Sins of Guest Preaching

Stay away from these deadly sins and have your next guest preaching opportunity go better than you ever imagined!

How Faith Makes You Whole

Among most Christians today, there are two competing interpretations about how faith makes you whole.

Quotes About Grace: 15 Magnificent Quotes to Lift Your Spirit

Before we can sing God's song, we must fill our lungs with grace.

God Is in Control: If That’s True, Then What About These Pressing Questions?

I'd like to suggest that there's a world of difference between "Everything happens for a reason" and "God brings reason out of everything that happens." This is how I see the phrase, God is in control.

Words Are Cheap; Repentance is Costly

Tucked away in Matthew’s gospel (and only Matthew’s gospel, 21:28-32) is the short parable regarding repentance.

Carey Nieuwhof: 5 Ways to Get Better at Preaching on Camera

I didn’t realize how heavily I relied on my ability to ‘read’ an audience and see how my message is tracking until I spoke straight into the camera in an empty room for the first time.

The Church Needs Preaching That Lasts – Not “Particle Board Preaching”

Particle board preaching, like particle board furniture, can be made to look attractive from the outside, is affordable, and convinces us that it will get the job done; but it won't have lasting spiritual benefit for the souls of the people who listen to it. It is not preaching that lasts.

Sermon Prep: Why Do You Spend so Much Time on It?

Regardless how much time a pastor spends in sermon prep, a common question can be “why.” Why do you spend so much time in sermon prep?

Why Does God Command Violence in the Old Testament?

Is God's personality inconsistent between the Old and New Testaments? N.T. Wright and Jefferson Bethke discuss it.

Here’s Help for Your Good Friday Sermon

In your Good Friday message, remind your congregation: We want to embrace the resurrection, but Jesus calls us to the Cross, too. Discover these four powerful reflections on the cross

Rebecca McLaughlin on Whether Christians Can Agree To Disagree About Same-Sex...

Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how church leaders can respond to common arguments that use the Bible to affirm same-sex relationships, the “why” behind God’s design for marriage, and the “beautiful and glorious vision” Christianity has for friendship.

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