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15 Excellent (and Simple) Ways to Improve Your Preaching

Chuck Lawless is leery of telling other people how to improve, but each one of these tips have worked for him.

The Lasting Impact a Preacher Can Make

What my grandfather had said from that pulpit lived on in a beautiful way in the lives of a wonderfully faithful couple.

How We Moved From Theological to Therapeutic Preaching—and Why It Matters

How We Moved From Theological to Therapeutic Preaching—and Why It Matters

Is “Multi-Site Video Preaching” Friend or Foe to Missional Churches?

Veteran pastor David Fitch believes in preaching. He also believes in the power of personal presence.

You May Be Called to Preach, but You Still Need a Role Model

"He gave no introduction to the sermon. This man simply stepped off the high diving board into the deep water. Except there was no deep water."

How to Cut: 9 Ways to Trim Your Text to a Preachable Size

"Each time you select an amount of Scripture to preach on a given Sunday, you are implying that the preaching portion is able to stand alone."

It’s SO Tempting, but Don’t You Dare Shortcut Quality Exegesis in Your Preaching

Short-cuts in exegesis result in a passage idea that does not carry the true content, nor the character, of the passage we claim to be preaching.

16 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Get Unstuck in Your Sermon Prep

"Sometimes the sermon comes together like a beautifully crafted work of art. But other times I struggle to make progress in my study."

The Criticism I Hated—but It Made Me a Better Preacher

None of us appreciate unsolicited, mean-spirited criticism, but we do need to hear people out.

Can We Please Stop Preaching About All the “Good People” in the Bible?

This kind of preaching gives the idea that we can, in our own power, actually DO the good things we see the characters doing. But we can’t. We don’t.

Nationalism or Christianity?

A Canadian visitor attends an American church and wonders who, exactly, is the hope of the world.

What to Do About Grace: 4 Down-to-Earth Suggestions

"She said to me, 'You expected a lot from us, and I never felt I could meet those expectations.' These comments have haunted me."

Preaching Is Spiritual Warfare Each and Every Week

Sherman Cox has a straightforward message: You are at war. Remember that.

Is It Still Necessary to Preach About Divine Wrath?

Steven Lawson of Ligonier Ministries says "yes." Here's why.

8 Tools to Explain a Biblical Passage Clearly

Preaching is a complex ministry, but one of the core ingredients is effective explanation of the biblical text.

Help This Week’s Sermon Last Deep Into Next Week: 5 Tips

If you’re not intentional about furthering that content past Sunday, you’re doing a disservice to the people whom God has entrusted to you to serve.

7 Secrets: How to Make Your Preaching Relevant

The Bible is relevant. We don’t need to “make it relevant,” but we do need to demonstrate how it is relevant.

Short Sermons Are Almost Always Better: 3 Reasons

Could you work with a "hard" 30-minute limit to your preaching?

Your 7-Step Survival Guide to Preaching Multiple Services

"I’ll have these huge adrenaline highs while I’m preaching, I repeat this process for the next service, then I go home and collapse."

God Doesn’t Need Cops in the Pulpit—He Needs Preachers

There's a big difference between drawing a crowd and preaching a sermon. The church is desperate for life-giving preachers.

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