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Youth Budget Worksheet: A Free Resource for Your Ministry

youth budget worksheet

This youth budget worksheet is sure to save you time as well as money. So check it out now!

Save Big With This Youth Budget Worksheet

As you know, youth ministry has some incredibly fun and exciting parts. And other parts, well, you’d probably prefer to skip over some of those. But they all are necessary to maintain a strong, effective program for teens.

This free youth budget worksheet will make one of the not-so-fun ministry tasks a bit easier. We’ve gathered everything you need in one comprehensive document. Feel free to adapt it to meet the specific needs of your church and ministry.

PRO TIP: If you have a money-minded teen, enlist his or her assistance to plan and implement the youth ministry budget. For security purposes, make sure at least two people work to oversee the program’s finances and spending.

This youth ministry budget worksheet is available for complimentary download. It’s sure to make your administrative duties a little bit simpler. We hope it lightens your to-do list and removes any dread you associate with the word “budgeting.”

Click here to download your FREE Youth Budget Worksheet!

Follow These Instructions

You’ll need to make a copy of this youth budget worksheet for your own use. First, open the document in a new internet browser. Then click File in the top-left corner. Next, click Make a Copy. Save it to your desktop or to a folder of your choice.

Then customize the budgeting worksheet to meet your needs. Add or delete rows and columns. Change dates and program names. And include any extra income or expenses you expect for the coming months or year.

We hope this budgeting worksheet helps you track your ministry’s money as you work to be good stewards of God’s resources!

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