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A KidMin Volunteer Should Never Hear These 10 Statements

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Do you want to keep every kidmin volunteer in your program? Do you want to attract more volunteers to help nurture faith in children? Then carefully watch your words! What you say has more power than you may realize.

Here are 10 things you should never say to any kidmin volunteer (or potential helper).

10 Things NOT to Say to a KidMin Volunteer

  1. Can you stay over and serve during the next worship service? One of the other children’s ministry volunteers just called in sick.
  2. I have faith in you. I know you can handle this class of twenty 3-year-olds all by yourself.
  3. It’s okay. You can go ahead and start serving right away. We can run your background check later.
  4. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to email you the lesson until Saturday night. I had a really busy week.
  5. I know you said you wanted to serve in the nursery. But right now I really need you to teach 5th-grade boys.
  6. Don’t worry about attending the adult worship service. Serving in children’s ministry will provide you with all the spiritual growth you need.
  7. We’ll be having mandatory volunteer training every week. So I need you to be at each of those meetings.
  8. You’re serving in two different church ministries already? I’m sure you can handle one more.
  9. We don’t have any budget money set aside for snacks for volunteers while they’re serving. But you’re welcome to bring your own food.
  10. Yes, I know this is your very first week of serving. But I really need you to lead the classroom lesson. You’re sure to figure it out as you go.

The floor is yours now. What else should a ministry leader never say to a kidmin volunteer? What red-flag statements should leaders avoid at all costs? Share your thoughts with colleagues in the comments section below.