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Kids in Your Ministry Won’t Tell You These 10 Things: Listen Up!

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How well do you know the kids in your children’s ministry? Do you ever wonder what those students are thinking but not saying?

Here are 10 things kids won’t tell you but wish you knew.

10 Things Kids in Your Ministry Want You to Know

1. We can tell when you come unprepared.

Just because we’re kids doesn’t mean we don’t notice!

2. We love it when you use our names when speaking to us.

That simple step makes us feel special and like we belong.

3. We really do want to learn.

Sometimes we just need you to think outside the box to hold our attention. Even though we may not always act like it, we care about what you have to say. Remember that we have lots of energy that’s trying to get out at the same time.

4. We can tell whether you really love us or just put up with us.

It’s just as easy for us to see through a fake as it is for us to spot someone who’s the real deal.

5. We don’t mind being corrected, but we hate coming to church and being yelled at.

We don’t like being yelled at or talked down to anywhere. But we especially shouldn’t have to expect it to happen at church and children’s ministry.

6. Just as you can tell from the very start how things will go the rest of the day, so can we.

We know from the get-go whether or not you’re in charge or we are. So we need you to lovingly yet firmly take control from the very beginning. We will respect you and our ministry leaders for that.

7. We like it when you use pictures, objects and anything we can see, touch or pass around to remember your point.

What we remember most is not the words you said but the point you made. Give us something more than just your words so we can remember your point forever.