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5 Bible Science Experiments That Teach God’s Truth

Bible science experiments

The goal of science experiments is to discover and understand scientific truth. Bible science experiments have the added benefit of helping young learners discover and understand God’s truth.

Use Bible science experiments in Sunday school, children’s church, small groups, VBS, camps and more. They allow children to be involved in hands-on learning rather than lecture or observation. Perhaps most importantly, Bible science experiments provide memorable moments that spark interest, command attention, and bring scriptural truth to life. That means the lessons will “stick” for children, who can apply them to their own lives.

For successful, safe Bible science experiments that “wow” children, remember these important tips:

  • Set up all supplies ahead of time. You lose momentum and interest if you aren’t ready to go at just the right moment.
  • Practice! Bible science experiments are memorable and meaningful only if they work. Never do something for the first time in front of children. Just because something sounds good on paper doesn’t mean it will be a success. Prepare!
  • As much as possible, don’t demonstrate the experiments. Let children do the Bible science experiments either in small groups or individually. That requires more supplies, structure and good instruction but will have a much greater “wow” effect on kids.
  • Be sure to move children from the abstract scientific truth you’re illustrating to an understanding of the concrete, practical truth for daily life. Do this by:
      • sharing a Bible story and/or real-life story that illustrates the truth,
      • asking good questions related to the Bible story and truth,
      • providing children opportunities to share how they will apply the Bible truth, and
      • praying together about obeying this Bible truth.

5 Bible Science Experiments You Can Try

1. Power Rockets

Bible Truth: The Holy Spirit gives me power.

Bible Verse: Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Bible Lesson: Peter preaches after receiving the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:1-41


  • Empty film canisters (clear, with interior-fitting lids)
  • Antacid tablets (generic works fine)
  • Water

In Advance: Gather supplies

Bible Lesson: Share the story of Jesus’ disciples receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Emphasize how the Holy Spirit made Peter bold enough to stand and speak to thousands of people. Help children discover that the Holy Spirit will give them boldness (power, authority) to do what God has planned for them to do.

Give each child or group of children a film canister. This represents their life. Fill canisters with water. The water represents the living water, Jesus, who enters their lives when they are saved. Show children an antacid tablet. It represents the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised that the baptism of the Holy Spirit would give power (authority, boldness). Have children quickly add the tablet to the film canister, snap on the lid, and stand back. In a few seconds, the lid will pop off! Emphasize that just as the tablet creates power to pop off the lid, the Holy Spirit gives us power to do God’s work.