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Volunteer Role Descriptions: Top 10 Behind-the-Scenes KidMin Jobs

volunteer role descriptions

What do volunteer role descriptions look like in your church’s children’s ministry program? When you picture (and recruit) kidmin volunteers, you may see teachers, worship leaders, and classroom helpers. These frontline roles shine Jesus’ light in a big and bright way, after all, and they’re amazing!

But don’t miss seeing the steady light that shines from supporting volunteer roles, too. When you delegate behind-the-scenes and even at-home responsibilities, your church’s ministry to kids and families will really shine! So get creative with volunteer role descriptions in your program.

As you invite people to serve on your team, consider these top 10 volunteer role descriptions.

10 Volunteer Role Descriptions for Children’s Ministry

1. Spreadsheet Specialists

Some people love spreadsheets, and others really love spreadsheets. Find those people! They’ll lead the way when it comes to budgets, event registrations, VBS crew assignments, and weekly Sunday school attendance tracking.

From the comfort of their own homes, these volunteers’ attention to detail and administrative skills will really shine! Ask them to help on an ongoing basis, or for specific special events.

2. Organizing Authorities

Let’s face it. We children’s ministry leaders know how to make a mess. And we’re not always good at cleaning up after ourselves. Find an organizational whiz who delights in plastic bins, label makers, and shelving systems. When you find these dear people, trust their system. Follow their rules. Thank them profusely and buy them lattes often.

Volunteers in this role need to have flexible schedules that allow them to clean up and re-organize on a weekly basis.

3. Shopping Super Stars

Do you know people who can always find the best deals? Who cut coupons and sniff out clearance sales? Ask them to use their sleuthing skills for your children’s ministry! Hand over your shopping lists and a budget, and these behind-the-scenes shoppers will stock your children’s ministry with all kinds of goodies.

From snacks to supply closet items to paper supplies, these superstars will happily push carts through stores or add items to online carts from the comfort of home.

4. Climate Controllers

If you’ve ever arrived at your church building early, you’ll see why this often-overlooked role is so important! This faithful volunteer assesses room temperatures, sets and checks thermostats, turns on lights, and knows how each room should be set up to welcome its kids and leaders. That way, if you’re running late, out of town, or simply can’t be everywhere at once, you’ll be confident that your children’s ministry environment is ready and waiting to welcome families—all thanks to this selfless servant!

Consider church members who tend to be early arrivers, and find someone who is willing to commit to this regular behind-the-scenes role. Be sure to communicate well with these volunteers so they know what to look for in each space every week.

5. Behind-the-Scenes Postcard Pros

Even in this digital age, kids still LOVE to get snail mail. Receiving a birthday greeting at home is such a simple but powerful way to show kids in your church that they are loved by God—and their church family! So, find a volunteer who delights in keeping track of each child’s birthday and sending a special greeting. These volunteers could also send follow up postcards to first-time visitors or get-well cards to kids who are under the weather.

Supply these volunteers with stamps and cards, and they can work from home and establish a weekly card sending rhythm. Be sure to give them ideas of what to write in the cards and access to mailing addresses.