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Volunteer Role Descriptions: Top 10 Behind-the-Scenes KidMin Jobs

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6. Media Maestros

Looking for a special role for a techy teen or young adult in your church? This could be a perfect fit. Show this volunteer how to load text, images, and video into your presentation software each week. Before you know it, these techy teammates will show you shortcuts and ways to use technology to dazzle kids and families. These volunteers also make great check-in helpers who can trouble shoot check-in stations and name tag printers with ease.

Work with this volunteer to establish a time to access a laptop or computer at your church. It could be right before weekend services, or before the youth group gathering during the week.

7. Behind-the-Scenes Dazzling Decorators

With a spark of imagination and a little DIY know-how, these volunteers transform any space into an engaging environment for children to discover God’s Word and grow to know Jesus better.

Meet with this team quarterly to share your curriculum’s quarterly Bible stories and brainstorm how to bring the themes and stories to life. Or recruit special teams for VBS and family events.

8. Disinfecting Directors

Germs don’t stand a chance against these volunteers. Recruit people who love the smell of sanitizing wipes, and happily sing clean-up songs as they keep toys and surfaces clean and neat. Their efforts to keep kids and families safe and healthy won’t go unnoticed by parents and leaders in your church.

Recruit this team to clean nursey toys, wipe down tables, and sanitize high traffic areas each week.

9. Behind-the-Scenes Preparation Pros

Find folks who love a good checklist. Then hand over your weekly supply lists. This team will gather needed supplies each week. Administrative tasks may feel monotonous to some people. But detail-oriented volunteers are happy to cut out shapes, prep crafts, or count out cups. This team has the flexibility to do some work at home and some work at your church during the week.

10. Prayer Warriors

Prayer makes a difference! So this volunteer role is so important. These volunteers commit to praying daily for the children’s ministry at your church. Give them weekly prayer lists that includes babies, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary kids, preteens, parents, and teachers. This team can pray any time, anywhere!

These behind-the-scenes volunteer roles make a big difference! Consider who you could ask to join your team in these flexible and fun ways.

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