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Spring Sunday School Crafts: 12 Ways to Celebrate God’s Creation

Spring Sunday School Crafts

7. Squishy Butterflies

Kids create these colorful butterflies to celebrate how Jesus makes all things new.

You’ll need:
  • various colors of tissue paper squares
  • resealable sandwich-size plastic bags
  • chenille wire
  • wooden doll pins
What you’ll do:

Fill a bag with colorful tissue paper squares. Wrap a piece of chenille wire around the round top of the clothespin to create antennae, and push the bag through the slats of the clothespin to form wings. Remind kids that just as wings give butterflies the freedom to fly, Jesus freed us from our sins when he died on the cross and rose again on Easter.

8. Butterfly Windows

Kids spread the good news of Easter and celebrate springtime with this window craft.

You’ll need:
  • washable liquid paint
  • pie tins
  • a teaspoon
  • liquid dish soap
What you’ll do:

Place a variety of paints in pie tins, and mix one teaspoon of liquid dish soap with each color for easy window cleanup. Have kids place both palms in paint, then press them to the window with their thumbs together to form a butterfly shape. After the prints dry, paint a butterfly body and antennae on each child’s handprints. Add the words, “Jesus brings new life!” at the top of the window. For extra impact, include a special invitation with the date and time of your church’s Easter service.

9. Signs-of-Spring Hunt

Kids discover the beauty and newness of God’s creation with this fun outdoor springtime activity.

You’ll need:
  • paper
  • pens
  • an outdoor area
What you’ll do:

Make a list of signs of spring, such as birds’ nests, flowers, leaf buds, or ducklings. Have kids form groups, and give each a list. Tell them to explore the outdoors and try to find as many signs from their lists as they can. Encourage kids to add spring signs they see that aren’t on their lists. Afterward, discuss how God creates new life every year at springtime.