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Spring Sunday School Crafts: 12 Ways to Celebrate God’s Creation

spring Sunday school crafts

Spring Sunday school crafts are ideal for celebrating God’s creation and new life. Children love when the dead of winter transforms into the new life of spring. While all of God’s natural creation is born anew, we also celebrate our new life in Jesus.

These 12 spring Sunday school crafts let kids celebrate the new life happening all around them. These ideas are designed to welcome the season and remind children of our new life—thanks to Jesus.

12 Spring Sunday School Crafts

Enjoy all these fun, creative spring Sunday school crafts!

1. Grow, Flower, Grow!

Kids celebrate spring’s new life by creating their own “growing” flowers.

You’ll need:
  • medium-size paper cups
  • brown construction paper
  • green felt
  • 1/4-inch size wooden dowels
  • green paint
  • paintbrushes
  • assorted colors of craft foam
  • 1-inch pompoms, scissors
  • a low-temperature hot glue gun
What you’ll do:

For each flower, paint a dowel green and set it aside to dry. Cut a flower shape from craft foam, making the diameter of the flower 1/4-inch larger than the bottom of the paper cup. Cut a small hole in the center of the flower and slip it over one end of the dowel. Glue the flower 1/8-inch from the top of the dowel. Then hot glue a pompom on top of the dowel in the flower’s center. Add craft foam leaves to the dowel just below the flower.

Cover the cup with brown construction paper. Turn the cup upside down on green felt and trace a circle. Cut the felt circle about 1/4-inch larger than the traced circle. Cut a large X in the center of the felt circle and hot glue the circle to the cup’s top rim. Poke a hole in the bottom center of the cup large enough for the dowel to slide through.

To finish, gently poke the bottom of the dowel through the X in the green felt, then through the hole in the bottom of the cup. Push the dowel all the way down until the flower disappears beneath the felt into the cup. Kids can push the dowels up from the bottom and watch their flowers grow to remind them of the new life and growth we have in Jesus.

2. Twiggy Vase

Kids make these vases and fill them with fresh flowers as a reminder of new life in Jesus.

You’ll need:
  • clean, empty soup cans
  • a low-temperature hot glue gun
  • lots of twigs
  • fresh flowers
What you’ll do:

Take kids on a walk outdoors to collect as many twigs as they can find (if you don’t have access to twigs, use toothpicks instead). Use a hot glue to attach twigs to the soup cans. Then fill kids’ vases with fresh flowers as you talk about how the twigs are like our lives before Jesus (dead and broken) and how the flowers represent our lives with Jesus (new and alive).

3. Baby Lambs

Kids can make baby lambs to remind them that Jesus is the Lamb of God.

You’ll need:
  • large plastic eggs
  • cotton balls
  • miniature spring clothespins
  • black pompoms
  • black felt
  • white paint
  • paintbrushes
  • black markers
  • googly eyes
  • glue
What you’ll do:

Coat the outside of one half of a plastic egg with glue and cover it with cotton balls. Paint the clothespins white and then color the bottom tips black to form hooves. When the glue is dry, clip four clothespins around the bottom of the egg for the lamb’s legs. Glue the black pompom to one end for the sheep’s head. Cut small ears from black felt and glue them to the sides of the head. To finish, glue googly eyes on the head.

Read aloud John 1:29, and tell kids to place the lambs in their rooms to remind them every day that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away our sins.