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Touchscreen Toddlers: Navigating Technology With Little Ones

touchscreen toddlers

With each upcoming generation, it seems they are entering the digital era at younger and younger ages. Even toddlers are engaging with technology and digital content.

A recent survey gathered information about this in the lives of kids ages zero to four-years-old. The study surveyed over 1,000 parents of toddlers.  Here are some of the findings. It’s getting easier and easier for toddlers to navigate touch screens.

42% of toddlers know how to open apps.

28% of toddlers are able to navigate apps.

42% have mastered basic functions like turning the volume up and down.

13% of parents said their toddlers can record videos. 

34% of toddlers can take pictures with the phone.

32% can draw on a digital tablet.  

30% can turn a device on or off by themselves.

27% can unlock a device if it has a passcode.

What do toddlers engage with on touchscreen items?

  • Videos: 73%
  • Games: 56%
  • Educational content: 41%
  • Drawing and coloring: 34%

65% of preschoolers use tablets. 45% use cell phones. 20% use laptops.

How much time are toddlers spending using technology? 10 hours per week. This is up from 8.8 hours a year ago.

Here are some thoughts I have about this:

Today’s kids are growing up in a digital world. It’s how they learn. It’s how they communicate. Here’s an example of this. Each Sunday evening, I talk with my grandson who lives in another state. We talk by using FaceTime. A digital app that lets us talk with him face-to-face.

It’s how they are entertained. It’s how they fill their discretionary time.

My nephew, who is five, got his first haircut when he was around two years old. To help keep him calm during the haircut, his dad gave him his cell phone to play games on. Even at the age of two, he knew how to navigate through the smart phone and open game apps. It kept him occupied and the haircut took place without any crying or flinching or restlessness.