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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Quitting Children’s Ministry

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If you have served in children’s ministry for very long, there are days that you have considered quitting.

But before you quit, whether it’s from a staff role or a volunteer role, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Let’s look at 10 questions you should ask yourself before quitting children’s ministry.

Am I Quitting Because I Am Discouraged?

Quitting when you are discouraged is not a good time to resign. When we get tired or discouraged, we naturally move toward quitting to some extent.

Here is my advice. Never quit when you are down or discouraged. We all tend to make unwise choices when we are discouraged. Wait until things are going better and then make a call about quitting or not quitting.

How Will This Impact Kids and Families?

You have kids who look up to you. You have parents who you’ve established relationships with. You have volunteers that you’ve served alongside.

They will miss you. They will be sad. They may be tempted to quit as well since you are.

Most importantly, how will this affect your own family? Is quitting the best option for your family situation? It may be or may not be.

How Can I Avoid Burnout and Continue in Children’s Ministry?  

What do I need for this to happen? More volunteers? More budget? More time off? New strategies? You can’t do it alone. You will burn out if you try.

Should I Just Take a Break and Then Come Back?  

Do I need a sabbatical? Do I need to rest for a few weeks? Will time off invigorate me?

Do I Need More Time To Grow and Learn in My Role?  

Do I need to be challenged to grow in some areas? How can I continue to grow and improve in my role? Am I quitting prematurely? Do I need to give it more time? Am I missing future blessings because I can’t see what is ahead on the journey?

Am I Stressed Out? What Will It Take To Bring More Balance to My Life? 

How can I do better at dealing with anxiety?

Do I need to bring more people around me to help carry the weight of the responsibilities?

How can I get more margin in my life?

What am I doing that I shouldn’t be doing?

What Is My Motivation for Quitting?

Conflict? Change of responsibilities? Boredom? Is my motivation unreasonable? Can I bring resolution and get past this?