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One Thing Two-Thirds of Parents Will Bring Their Kids to Church For


VBS is the church activity or program or event that grabs the attention of parents who go to church and those who don’t. If you had to make a list of what a kids’ ministry and church could offer the community that resonates with parents from all types of backgrounds, what would make the top of the list?

There are not many activities hosted by a church that parents of all backgrounds share a mutual respect and trust for, but vacation Bible school is one of them. LifeWay Research recently released their findings of an extensive study done on Vacation Bible School. And there are some fascinating data points:

Parents Love VBS

Two-thirds of all adults surveyed plan on bringing a child to VBS this summer, including those parents who do not go to church anywhere.

95 percent of parents who have taken their children to vacation Bible school believe it was one of their child’s most meaningful experiences.

More than half of those adults who did not go to VBS as a child believe that doing so would have helped them understand the Bible better and contributed to their spiritual growth.

83 percent of those who don’t send their children to vacation Bible school still have a positive view of VBS.

Parents who bring their children to VBS are extremely glad they have done so. And parents who don’t go to church have a high view of and an appreciation for vacation Bible school. As the director of LifeWay Research, Scott McConnell said, “Even parents who don’t go to church want their kids to go to VBS.”

Some may consider vacation Bible school “old-school,” but the majority of parents from churched and unchurched backgrounds know what it is and will gladly send their kids to one because of the positive impact it will have on their children.

That is the quantitative data, but here is some qualitative data for you… For the last five summers, we have hosted a VBS at our home (using LifeWay’s Backyard Kid’s Club material). The week has been the highlight of our daughter’s summer and has been an incredible opportunity to provide a great environment for friends and neighbors to learn more about God and the Bible.