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Never Bend These 10 Children’s Ministry Guidelines

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It’s important to have children’s ministry guidelines (that’s a nice way to say “rules”) for your ministry that will keep kids — and your team — safe, healthy, and happy.

Some of your guidelines can have a little wiggle room. An example is a new family who asks if their children (different ages) can be in the same room since it’s their first time there.

This would be a guideline that you could bend if needed.

But there are some guidelines that you should never, ever bend. Most of these are related to the safety of the children and volunteers.

10 Children’s Ministry Guidelines You Should Never Bend

#1 Never be alone with a child.

I was recently at a church where a child and an adult had been alone in a classroom. The adult molested the child, right there at church. Thankfully the church had a security camera system and they were able to give the police the footage. The adult is being prosecuted and hopefully the scumbag will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

All of this could have been avoided if they had simply enforced the guideline of never being alone with a child. This is a guideline that has zero room for compromise.

#2 Children should always wear a name tag.

This provides you with quick information if you need to get in touch with the child’s parents. It can also show you if the child is allergic to things like peanuts.

Sometimes you will have a child who doesn’t want to wear a name tag. But this cannot be compromised. Make them wear the name tag. And for younger children, you can put the name tag on their back.

#3 Parents and guardians must present a matching name tag when picking up their child.

No exceptions. Even if the pastor shows up, he cannot get a child if he can’t present a name tag. People who lose their tags need to go to guest services, show their I.D. and get the green light to pick up the child.

#4 Child molesters should never, ever be allowed to serve in children’s ministry.

No exceptions. In fact, they should not be allowed anywhere near the children’s area.  Some churches even restrict child molesters from being on the church campus. They require them to stay off of church property and watch the service online.

#5 Do not allow someone who is involved in sexual sin to serve.

This means anyone who is having sex outside of a marriage between a man and woman.  Someone who is actively committing adultery should not serve. Someone who is involved in a homosexual relationship should not serve. A couple that is living together should not serve.