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Jim Caviezel: Passion Sequel to Be ‘biggest film in history’

Passion Sequel
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Actor Jim Caviezel spoke to USA Today recently about the impending sequel to The Passion of the Christ. Caviezel confirmed he will once again play Christ in the new movie. According to Caviezel, “the film is going to be the biggest film in history.”

The Passion of the Christ blew Hollywood away when it released in 2004. Directed by Mel Gibson, the film continues to hold the title of the highest-grossing R-rated film in North America—bringing in $370.8 million.

While an official date has not been set for the release of the sequel, Caviezel hints in his interview that things are in the works. Apparently, Gibson and crew have tentatively scheduled a window of time to shoot the film, but Caviezel did not disclose how soon that will happen. Commenting on the complexity of putting the story to film, Caviezel said, “Braveheart, that’s a film that took a long time to be able to crack… The same thing for Passion. And the same thing for this. He’s [Gibson] finally got it. So that is coming.”

The Passion Sequel Will Delve Into the Spiritual Realm

In an interview with Stephen Colbert in 2016, Gibson disclosed the film will likely delve into portraying the spiritual realm. When asked if the antagonist would be Thomas, Gibson told Colbert the antagonists would be “in another realm.” Gibson also, at that time, said the movie was at least three years off. Perhaps we can expect to see it in 2019.

While The Passion of the Christ portrayed the last 12 hours before Jesus’ death, the sequel will portray his resurrection and interactions with his disciples.

Whenever the Passion sequel is set to release, chances are very high the church will show up in droves to watch it. Gibson also directed the 2016 blockbuster Hacksaw Ridge, which portrays a conscientious objector who enlisted in the U.S. Army during WWII as a medic. The moving portrayal of Desmond Doss’ service during wartime is fueled by his faith and conviction to obey the commandment not to murder. Despite his pacifism, Doss received a Medal of Honor for his brave act of running into the fray to save fellow soldiers during a particularly bloody battle in Okinawa, Japan.

Jim Caviezel Makes Other Appearances

Caviezel hasn’t said much about the sequel besides the short interview with USA Today. Although, he’s made other appearances speaking to religious groups. Early in January 2018, Caviezel spoke to a group of college students in Chicago, encouraging them to embrace a genuine form of Christianity and reject any form of a shallow version that doesn’t embrace suffering. He instructed the crowd to “set yourself apart from this corrupt generation. Be saints.”

In 2016, Caviezel spoke about the state of Christians in America, lamenting Americans’ entitlement mentality. In a similar style to his speech to the college students, Caviezel admonishes the crowd to “set yourself apart from this corrupt generation, my brothers and sisters. You weren’t made to fit in—you were born to stand out.”

Before Caviezel dons his robes to portray Jesus again, however, he lent his acting talent to portray Luke in a new film about the Apostle Paul. Set to release March 28, Paul Apostle of Christ portrays Luke visiting Paul as he is imprisoned in Rome.