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Best Auto Tracking Cameras for Church

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Today, as the demand for video streaming exponentially grows, auto tracking cameras are definitely changing the game. Here we have compiled the best auto tracking cameras available. We have chosen these cameras on the following merits. They offer great value for money, are inexpensive when compared to other solutions, and incorporate the best technology when it comes to intelligent tracking. All in all, these are the best auto-tracking cameras.

We Found the 4 Best Auto Tracking Cameras

HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2

This auto tracking camera is one of the best options when it comes to seamless video camera requirements. SimplTrack 2 by HuddleCamHD does not require you to set up your machine, again and again, rather it’s easy, onetime configuration rids you of the hassle.

There are different presets that you can choose from while setting the camera up. This helps you with the tracking of your subject. Once you have selected the preset for frames and what you want your tracking stage to be, you can simply focus on your business and the camera shall do its job. The camera can easily detect and track the subject within a 50 feet range.

This and the user-friendly software make it a great choice for all your lectures, webinars, and conferences, etc. It is compatible with most online software. You can simply plug your camera into your system to use it. You can also get different cameras on the same network using the SimplTrack 2 software.

Moreover, you can pair it up with HuddlePod Air for the best audio video recording solutions. Not only this, it has an onboard memory of 64 GB, which can save your videos for up to 4 hours in 1080p resolution. With simple connectivity solutions provided with the camera, you can easily transfer this on to your system without any problem.

A high-quality result with easy installation and simple management makes it one of the best tracking cameras available.

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