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How to Choose the Best AED For Church

It is important to choose the right defibrillator that suits your church’s needs.

What to look for in an AED Church

Certain factors are crucial when choosing an automatic external defibrillator (AED) for your church. These are the factors:

  • Easy of use: Often, churches don’t have trained personnel available. An AED should be easy to use by a layperson so that everyone on your staff can respond to an emergency.
  • Simple pediatric capabilities: While older Americans are more susceptible to experiencing cardiac arrest, it is also possible for children. SCA affects up to 9,500 children each year in the United States. An AED that is easily adjustable for children is necessary if this happens. Children younger than eight and under 55 lbs should not be exposed to the same shock as adults.
  • Multilingual capabilities: If your staff includes Spanish-speaking employees, you might need a model to toggle between English and Spanish instructions.
  • Accessibility: Many churches have a small budget, and the funds available are mostly used for ministry. You’ll need a device that isn’t too expensive. You can find high-quality models for as low as $1,200 to $1,800.

The Best AEDs For Church

We’ve considered all of these factors and narrowed the list to the top-rated external defibrillators that can be used in churches.

Zoll AED Plus

ZOLL Adult Green EMS Device With Carrying Case and Supplies.

Best AED For Church

The ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator is the easiest to use. Although it isn’t as feature-rich as some of its rivals, it is perfect for those who don’t have medical training.

Easy to use: This model comes with ZOLL’s CPR-D pads, a defibrillation pad designed with simple guides to ensure the best placement for your chest. The device detects shockable heart rhythms automatically and delivers shocks when needed. You don’t even have to press the shock button. Real CPR Help(r), which offers real-time coaching, and even lets you know if you should push harder, is also included in the device. This is the only automatic external defibrillator that offers this technology.