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Kanye Performs Super Bowl Sunday, Rich Wilkerson Preaches

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Kanye West took his traveling ‘Sunday Service‘ to Miami on Sunday, and performed just hours before the Super Bowl. He collaborated with VOUS Church pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. who has preached at a ‘Sunday Service‘ in the past and also officiated Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s wedding. The service took place at a 7500-seat amphitheater just 15 miles from the Super Bowl.

“God is using us to show off…” West proclaimed, “to show God is better than the Devil.” He preached to his audience that the Devil has all the producers, musicians, and designers chasing gold statues. “Selling our souls…” to Hollywood, he said. Kanye then when on to say his studio is a place where people can come and proclaim the name of Jesus.

Sermon on the Prodigal

Pastor Wilkerson preached on Luke 15:28-32 about the older son in the Prodigal Son parable. His sermon was titled ‘Come Home’ and focused on how God is calling those in attendance and watching the live stream to come home with him.

Wilkerson made bold statements like “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” and explaining how the younger son chose sin over the truth of the Father, stating that “Sin will always choose short-term gratification over eternal satisfaction.” Pastor Wilkerson told them “There is no mistake too big for God’s grace. Come home!…you have been stamped in the image of the almighty God and nothing takes away your value. Come home!”

He closed his 20-minute sermon saying “You can know all about the Father, but that doesn’t mean you love the Father…it’s about relationship. The older brother is about religion…the point is relationship with the Father. Not only does He have grace for the prodigal, but he also has grace for the Pharisee…” We all have access to the grace of God because of the cross of Jesus Christ…”He loves you just the way that you are, but he loves you too much for you to stay the way that you are.”

He Gave An Invitation

“He loves you. He has a plan for you. We didn’t invite you here to encounter Kanye or a choir; we invited you here to encounter a living God who has a plan and a purpose for your life.” Pastor Wilkerson gave an invitation to accept Christ and led them in a prayer of salvation and many responded.

Kanye said that people come to him saying if you follow God, you are going to fall off. Many are still skeptical of West’s journey, but the more he matures in Christ the more he seems to be silencing those that doubt the genuineness of his faith.

Watch entire service below.