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Brazil’s President Joins 140,000 People at The Send Conference

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The Send conference in Brazil reportedly saw 140,000 attendees eager to say “no” to apathy and to live purposefully for God. Among the thousands in attendance was the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, who is heading into his second year in office.

“I’m utterly astounded by what God is doing in Brazil,” tweeted Christine Caine, who spoke at the conference. “This is Morumbi stadium packed out with a generation hungry for God. The thing is, I’m now on my way to speak at another packed out stadium in the SAME CITY.” 

The Send Conference in Brazil

The Send conference is a collaboration between several national ministries, including YWAM (Youth with a Mission), Lifestyle Christianity, and Lou Engle Ministries. The ministries’ leaders have made “a commitment to do whatever it would take to see the re-evangelization of America and the finishing of the Great Commission.” The first Send conference took place on February 23, 2019, and the next is scheduled for October of this year in Kansas City, Missouri. 

“If every believer just led one person to Jesus this year 1/3rd of America would come to know Jesus,” says the conference’s website. “We see an opportunity for a whole generation of believers to arise who will have no disconnect between their belief and action.”

The fact that last year’s Send conference generated some controversy does not seem to have affected the success of this year’s conference. The event took place on Saturday, February 8, at three stadiums, two of which sold out. Said Caine, “It was surreal. God is on the move.”

A post on The Send conference’s Facebook page says, “Get ready for the greatest harvest of all times! What is happening today in Brazil impacts all the nations of the world. The hungriest nation is now committing to the Great Commission in a new level of obedience.” In addition to Christian Caine, speakers at the The Send Conference in Brazil included Todd White and YWAM founder Loren Cunningham.

After the conference, one pastor tweeted  “I keep receiving news about the last Saturday: 4877 decisions, 7890 youth enrolled and committed to bring revival to their schools, 6457 enrolled to care for orphans, healings, people receiving the holy spirit while watching on youtube.”

Brazil’s President Born Again?

At one point during the conference, Todd White announced from the stage: “I just got word…that your president just got born again!” 

The crowd cheered enthusiastically, and some social media users passed on the news.

Others, however, pointed out that this is not the first time Bolsonaro has made a public profession of faith. One person responded saying, “Christians get fooled too easily.” Another posted a clip of Bolsonaro being baptized in 2016, asking “Again?” According to Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, Bolsonaro has been a member of the Catholic church for some time, although his wife is Baptist and his son “has a great rapport with evangelical pastors.”

The reporter who tweeted about White’s announcement later clarified, “I asked The Send Brazil organizers, and they said Bolsonaro wasn’t making ‘a first decision for Christ,’ but he did say he believes in Jesus as his savior and that Brazil belongs to God.”

The greatness of God seems to have been a theme of the conference. 

Said Caine, “My biggest takeaway from being in Brazil is that I don’t believe God enough. I dream too small. I expect too little. I rationalize too much. I’ve decided to press in for more. Dig deeper for more. Pray fervently for more. My faith has been stretched and I love it!!!”