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Todd White Repents: ‘I Haven’t Preached the Whole Gospel!’

White also read a Ray Comfort parachute analogy that explains two different ways to proclaim the gospel; one that leads to a true conversion and the other that leads to a false conversion. He said it, “rocked me to the core.” White then contradicted the prosperity gospel saying, “When you come into the gospel because you’ve come for a better life, then you’ve come in for the wrong gospel.”

“I’ve been trembling, shaking in a new place of the fear of the Lord.” After saying we have to not just promise people a better flight (referring to the Ray Comfort analogy) White addressed the socially-distant crowd while almost in tears, “Help me here! Am I the only one that’s convicted to the core? This isn’t legalism, it’s the truth. There is a day of wrath coming; It’s no joke!”

“Abundant life is a fruit of the gospel, but it’s not a selling point!”

As White continued to explain the difference between living for the benefits of the gospel and living in reverent fear of a Holy God, he explained, “I saw this when I got saved…and for some reason it’s taken me 16 years to explain it…and I feel like I’ve just seen something completely brand new. What I won’t ever do is take the miraculous out of the gospel. It’s a miracle that I can come to Jesus through all my junk and all my sin and have him say, ‘Not guilty!’ That’s a miracle!”

“I am strongly convicted,” White exclaimed, “I feel like I just met Jesus again!” He said there’s a rekindled thing inside of him claiming, “This has been the hardest season of my life. Lord what are you doing? He said, ‘I’m pruning every branch that you have.’ I’m like it’s not ok (weeping) It hurts! And He said, ‘if you were dead it wouldn’t hurt.’ There are parts of you that need to die, so I’m going to kill them.”

White remorsefully said, “I haven’t preached the whole gospel! And I repent! I repent! You have no idea. I will not be responsible. I believe that when I preach that the blood of people is on my hands…I’m convicted! I’m convicted!”

He made it clear that there are people that have accused him of preaching a prosperity gospel. “Dude!” he said, “if you ever hear that in me, kill me!”

“If we don’t see that we have sinned against a holy God, there really can’t be repentance.”

As he closed, White made a comment referring to the convictions taking place in him, “Who is this Todd guy?” He put his finger in his chest and said, “This Todd guy got hammered by the Lord.”

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