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ChinaAid’s Bob Fu and Family in Hiding After Harassment, Threats

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ChinaAid founder Bob Fu and his family are now in hiding after protesters started showing up and harassing them at their home in Midland, Texas. These protesters, whose origin is unknown, have accused Fu of being an agent of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as creating the novel coronavirus. Fu, however, believes he is being targeted by a CCP operative masquerading as a dissident.

“The CCP today sent thugs as ‘fake protesters’ to Midland TX in front of our house trying to intimidate and harass my family for six hours while I am in Washington DC,” said Fu in a Facebook post on Sept. 26. “Indeed a big spiritual battle. Thanks for our Mayor Patrick Payton, our Midland Police Department, FBI, pastor Daniel Stephens, our board of directors, and many brothers and sisters in our community for your prayers and timely intervention. Those CCP hired thugs need to be held accountable by our government.”

Fu was attending the recent prayer gathering led by Franklin Graham in Washington D.C. when he received a call from his wife, Heidi, telling him the CCP had “sent their spies to our house. Now they are harassing me and our children.” Fu got this call right before praying for China at the D.C. gathering.

The ChinaAid founder believes the protesters are following the instructions of a man named Guo Wengui, alias “Miles Kwok.” Guo is a real estate mogul living in the U.S. and an associate of former Trump strategist Steven Bannon. He is currently under investigation by the FBI.

Bob Fu and Family Go into Hiding

At first only five or six people showed up to protest in front of Fu’s home in Midland, Texas. But in a press release, ChinaAid said that since Sept. 26, “the number of protestors has continued to increase as well as the calls for violence.” On Oct. 5, around 50 people showed up in front of Fu’s house, accusing Fu of being an agent of the CCP. 

“While the identity and origins of the protestors are unknown at this time,” says the statement, “they are listening to the instructions of one particular bad actor [Guo Wengui] who is utilizing social media and the internet to place monetary rewards for violence against Pastor Fu.” Federal and local law enforcement are protecting Fu, his family, and ChinaAid.

In a press conference on Oct. 5, Midland Mayor Patrick Payton said that the Fu family is in a safe location and observed that Midlanders do not do well with “terrorist threats against our citizens.” Various law enforcement agencies, the FBI, and CIA are “heavily involved” in the situation, said the mayor.

Since the protesters are accusing Fu of being a communist agent, the mayor sarcastically went on to read a list of people Fu would like the CCP to release. The list included a number of dissidents the Chinese government has imprisoned, including some pastors and a Uyghur Christian.

Regarding the protestors, the mayor said that they are “hired henchpeople” and “we know they’re not from here.” They refuse to pull down their masks, and when questioned, start speaking in Mandarin or chanting. When asked if he felt threatened, the mayor said, “I’ve felt threatened for the last week and a half, and so who knows what’s going to happen to me,” but added he trusts the police department to take care of him and his family. 

One reporter asked Payton if he thought there were CCP operatives in Midland, to which the mayor responded, “It would be rather naive to assume there weren’t operatives in this city and all over the city.” 

Even though the Fus are under police protection in an undisclosed location, protesters have continued to gather in front of the family’s home. According to NewsWest9, some sources believe the protesters have been hired, while others think it is possible they are being blackmailed.

Who Is Guo Wengui, aka Miles Kwok?

Bob Fu believes that Guo Wengui, who has directly threatened Fu online, has also been organizing multiple violent attacks in the U.S., Australia, and Canada on behalf of the Chinese government. On his Facebook page, Fu posted an open letter from some of the victims of these attacks. ChinaAid posted a video on Vimeo allegedly showing Guo encouraging his followers to participate in a violent, global “kill cheaters” campaign [Note: this video contains language and behavior some may find disturbing].

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