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Is Dr. Charles Stanley Selling CBD Oil? In Touch Ministries Warns of ‘SCAM’

Dr. Charles Stanley

First Baptist Church Atlanta’s former Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley has become part of an Internet hoax that he is selling CBD oil (cannabidiol) in a new business venture. The scam ad uses a picture of the notable pastor in an attempt to gain personal information from those tricked into clicking. According to the Harvard Medical School, CBD oil is the second-most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis (marijuana).

Dr. Stanley’s In Touch Ministries, which he founded, posted a ‘SCAM ALERT‘ on its website, warning people about the scam that has been circulated throughout Facebook, emails, websites, and text messages.

Dr. Stanley isn’t involved in any such venture, according to In Touch Ministries’ site, which warns, “In Touch Ministries has received reports that scammers have been posting Dr. Charles Stanley’s image, falsely reporting that Dr. Stanley is beginning a new business venture in CBD oil. Some of the articles even utilize fake Fox News headers to appear more convincing. However, none of it is true. IT IS A SCAM. Dr. Stanley has not begun any new venture.”

In Touch Ministries told followers to always check its website for updates regarding Dr. Stanley: “For news and information about Dr. Stanley, please always check here on intouch.org or on In Touch Ministries’ official Facebook page first.”

Dr. Charles Stanley Recently Stepped Down

The 88-year-old Stanley announced last September that he was officially stepping down and gave his successor Dr. Anthony George the reigns to the church he had served at for over 50 years. Dr. Stanley has remained at the church as Pastor Emeritus. The bestselling author who said he doesn’t believe in retirement told his congregation during his successor-search plan announcement, “As you know, I don’t believe in retirement. It’s not biblical.”

After serving as the associate pastor at the First Baptist Church in Atlanta for two years, Dr. Stanley took over as senior pastor in 1971 following what was described in a CNN article as a “bruising battle.” A battle that “inflamed tensions so much that his family received nasty, anonymous letters and deacons warned his father that he would never pastor again,” the article said. Dr. Stanley was the President of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1984 and 1985.

Majority of Pastors Call Legalized Marijuana Wrong

A recent Lifeway Research study revealed that 78% of Protestant pastors say that smoking marijuana is morally wrong although it has been legalized in almost one-third of the United States.

The study also showed that 76% of the pastors conducted in the Lifeway’s survey say that marijuana use shouldn’t be made legal within the states. Only 10% of evangelical pastors indicate favor for national legalization.

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