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Does It Really Matter If Christians Vote? A Pastoral Response

ChurchLeaders: How would you reassure Christians who question whether it’s worth it to vote? 

Isaacs: I can tell you this: It has never been about how many votes a candidate gets to win an election. It’s always been about who counts the ballots. The Bible tells us that the heart is deceitfully wicked. As Americans living in a fallen world, we will always be forced to guard the integrity of elections and that is not a partisan statement. It simply doesn’t matter who is in the majority. Power corrupts and the temptation to get it or hold on to it causes many people to do things that compromise election integrity.

With that said, there are many people working on the security and integrity of elections. We are doing our due diligence at My Faith Votes. You can check out what we are doing right now at www.electionintegritynow.org.

As we work to safeguard the integrity of elections, let’s make every effort to pray for every vote to be accounted for honestly. I believe the enemy, Satan, wants to discourage God’s people in this area, but Paul tells us to not grow weary in doing good (voting is included in that) because we will reap a harvest if we do not faint.

ChurchLeaders: What is National Voter Registration Sunday? 

Isaacs: National Voter Registration Sunday is about encouraging Christians to bring the solutions of their faith into the ballot box. Registration is the critical first step in the voting process. We want to challenge every church in America to hold at least one voter registration drive each year, whether that’s in person, online, or both. By hosting a Voter Registration Drive at your church, you can help people register to vote, request an absentee ballot, access voting information, and receive election reminders so that they never miss a single election.

The goal of each Voter Registration Drive is to equip and resource your church to increase voter turnout. Why? Because our faith has something essential to contribute to the issues in our communities and in our nation.

National Voter Registration Sunday is September 26, 2021; more information can be found here.

ChurchLeaders: Explain whether you believe churches should be engaged in politics. 

Isaacs: Churches are already involved, whether they admit it or not. What do I mean by that? The word “politics” in Greek means “affairs of the city.” Should a church be part of the affairs of the city in which it meets? Should a church feed the poor? Should a church seek to have a voice in the arts, media, education, family, but abandon other spheres of influence like government and the economy? If the church does abandon it, who or what are we abandoning it to? If God cares about the people in the farming communities, the cities, the states, and nation states, why would we avoid being salt and light as residents of these places?