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Respected Christian Football Coach Urban Meyer Caught in Compromising Video

Urban Meyer
Screen grab from YouTube: @Rock City Church

Known for his Christian faith, Jacksonville Jaguars’ head coach Urban Meyer has been the center of sports conversations this week after a questionable video began circulating on social media last weekend.

Urban Meyer’s Faith

Meyer sat down with Columbus, Ohio’s Rock City Church‘s pastor Chad Fisher in 2019, just months after finishing his tenure as the head coach of Ohio State’s football team. The successful coach helped the team get to two college football playoffs. The team had not lost to their rival Michigan since Meyer had assumed the role in 2021.

Fisher asked Meyer what his “proudest moment in life” was. Without hesitation, Meyer replied, “That’s an easy one. I have three children — that God’s in their life.” He explained that God is non-negotiable in their family and that one of his daughters married a God-fearing man.

Meyers offered parents a tip for raising Christian daughters: “Every boy that has ever been in my house has to lead prayer at dinner. I don’t warn them — and if they babble and all that, he’s out,” he joked.

“They are all believers,” Meyer said, referring to his children. The pastor affirmed Meyer’s authenticity, recalling that Meyer had often proudly said, “Every person in my family loves the Lord” in their private conversations.

The interview also focused on Meyer’s book Above the Line: Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Program. Fischer praised the book, saying, “I think it is one of the best leadership books I’ve personally taken our team through.”

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Meyer said in the interview that his biggest pet peeve is the “vile hatred” and “attacks” that are at times directed toward him. When Fischer asked if he’d ever coach again, he replied, “I don’t believe so.”

At the conclusion of the interview, popular athlete-turned-sportscaster Tim Tebow joined them onstage and prayed over Meyer. Tebow was a Florida Gator during his college football days and played under Meyer’s leadership, winning two BCS championships.

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