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VA Pastor Arrested for Solicitation Was Previously Accused of Sexual Assault

That statement has been updated since ChurchLeaders’ original report to include a condemnation of sexual misconduct, saying, “Rock Church encourages godly lifestyles by all of its members and leaders, in keeping with the tenets of the Bible. The Church condemns sexual immorality of any kind and in any form by its members and leaders and especially holds its leaders to a high standard of accountability on any lifestyle choices that could reflect negatively on the reputation of the Church or disparage the character of the Savior whom it purports to represent.”

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​”Rock Church is committed to honesty and integrity in dealing with charges or accusations of sexual misconduct or immorality among its leaders and will support any investigation arising from accusations of violation of this standard among its staff and leaders in an effort to find the truth and to protect its members, church families and their children, at all times,” the statement continued.

According to a report, Blanchard’s lawyers requested that the terms of Blanchard’s bond be amended so that Blanchard could travel outside the state on church business. It is unclear what church business Blanchard needs to perform, as Rock Church previously announced his withdrawal from his duties in light of his charges. 

The prosecution objected to the request to allow Blanchard to travel outside the state, citing the nature of his charges. The judge said that another hearing would be needed to make a determination, and that hearing has been set for November 17. Blanchard’s trial is set for January 6, 2021. Until then, the judge has advised him to “maintain good behavior.”

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