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‘What’s Your Story?’ People on Twitter Share How Jesus Saved Them

User Malinda Just described her salvation as a process as well. “Mine is a winding story w/o a specific date,” she said. “Baptized as a baby and raised going to church. I’d say God grabbed my heart in middle school, but a few years later my younger brother drowned and God and I had a rocky relationship. Started reinvesting the end of my sr. yr of hs.” 

She continued, “It’s been layers of awakening since then. In about 2014, God brought me to my knees via the book of Job and I haven’t been the same after that. He continues to grow me into His likeness and I’m thankful for this sanctification.”

Other users described coming to trust in Jesus when they were young children at ministries such as AWANA, vacation Bible school, or Christian school. Some people experienced knowing God their whole lives, while others “backslid” before returning to him. Still others came to know Jesus as teenagers or young adults. Said one, “I was 20, wasn’t raised in it. God met me where I was, deeply rooted in sin, and peeled the scales off my eyes. I haven’t looked back except to see his work in my life.”

The stories about how people came to trust in Jesus go on and on. You can read more in the comments on Welcher’s tweet below:

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