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100,000 Bibles Will Go to Countries Where Christians Suffer the Most

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One hundred thousand Bibles and wood rosaries are going to persecuted Christians around the globe thanks to a successful Giving Tuesday campaign from Open Doors USA, a charity that exists to support persecuted believers worldwide.

“This is the greatest outpouring of support from the American church on Giving Tuesday than we’ve ever seen before,” said Open Doors CEO David Curry in a statement provided to ChurchLeaders. “The need is greater than ever, and it’s encouraging to see Americans rise to meet that challenge. It will make a tremendous difference in the lives of persecuted Christians around the world.” 

Open Doors USA’s Giving Tuesday Campaign

Giving Tuesday” takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two major shopping days in the U.S. Created in 2012, Giving Tuesday is an initiative encouraging consumers to give back. This year, Giving Tuesday was on Nov. 30; on Nov. 29, Open Doors USA posted on its social media accounts, asking people to donate. 

The post included an endorsement from Pastor David Platt, who said, “For more than 60 years, Open Doors has supported the persecuted church through their presence, prayers and practical care. Helping these believers to grow—even thrive—in cultures and countries that seek to stop followers of Jesus from proclaiming His gospel and His glory.”

A contact for Open Doors told ChurchLeaders that the organization is still tallying how much money people donated last week. As far as where the Bibles will go, Open Doors will prioritize countries that have made its World Watch List and then “determine areas with the greatest need for Bibles based on latest information from partners on the ground.”

The World Watch List is a list that Open Doors publishes annually that ranks the top 50 countries in the world where Christians suffer the worst persecution. The 2021 World Watch List, released in January of this year, found that the COVID-19 pandemic had caused persecution to worsen and also reported a disturbing 60 percent increase in the number of Christians martyred for their faith. Said Curry, “This public health crisis created an opportunity to expand faith-based discrimination and violence in regions where religious persecution has already reached alarming rates.”