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Beth Moore Serving Eucharist at Her New Anglican Church Causes Twitter Meltdown

Addressing her critics, Moore asked them to “have a heart today” in light of the fact that not only are some of her followers hurting, but she is hurting as well.

“The people to whom I have written this are hurting. I am hurting. We are real people here who bleed when we’re cut and bruise when we’re punched. Very imperfect people but fellow humans who have lost something enormous,” Moore said. “Just rest it for one day, one thread. And maybe pray for us. We need it so badly.”

Moore has been the Lector during at least one worship service. A Lector is person whose “primary function during the Liturgy of the Word is proclaiming God’s Word to His people so that, strengthened by the words of Holy Scripture, they might come to a deeper love of God and a fuller Christian life.”

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A Handbook for Lectors: Church of the Holy Spirit Anglican details very strict instructions for how one should prepare, speak, and dress while serving the church. It explains that one “should dress in a manner that honors Christ, is neat and professional, and modest so as not to reveal or distract—avoid jeans, flipflops, shorts, etc.”

In St. Timothy’s Anglican Church‘s weekly announcement page, it states that “being a church within the Anglican Church in North America, and within the Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast, our mission is to remain a faithful part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, as we acknowledge Christ to be her one and only Head. We recognize the Holy Eucharist to be the central liturgical norm of the Church, while we provide quality Christian education for both children and adults, as we continue to care for the physical, spiritual and pastoral needs of all our members, and those in the community around us.”

With regard to the Eucharist, the St. Timothy’s Anglican Church believes that “in the Eucharist, Jesus Christ becomes present in the bread and wine and that these elements become the body and blood of our Lord, which feed our souls.”

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SBC Leaders Voice Their Concern

Although some well-known Anglican theologians like J.I. PackerN.T. WrightJohn Stott, and C.S. Lewis are highly respected among some SBC leadership, Twitter was flooded with many expressing displeasure and concern for Moore’s new church choice.

Timothy Pigg, pastor of the SBC-affiliated Fellowship Church and steering council member for the Conservative Baptist Network (CBN), tweeted, “They say there is no drift; however, we will never know fully the impact Beth Moore has had on the majority of the women in our churches. Unfortunately, many credit her for their ‘strong’ faith. Pastors, you have a responsibility to protect the sheep (Acts 20:28-30)—I am concerned that @Lifeway continues to have Beth Moore’s Bible Studies available to be purchased…How can she be considered a ‘trusted source?’”