Home Christian News Beth Moore Serving Eucharist at Her New Anglican Church Causes Twitter Meltdown

Beth Moore Serving Eucharist at Her New Anglican Church Causes Twitter Meltdown

Former SBC Executive Committee member and current CBN Steering Council Member, Rod Martin shared the photos of Moore at St. Timothy’s, saying, “If I had a dollar for every Twitter fanboy who told me I was the devil for suggesting Beth Moore didn’t believe the BFM (while she took all that Lifeway money)…”

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Gabriel Hughes, associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Lindale, TX, posted, “No, conservative Southern Baptists aren’t ‘mad’ Beth Moore went Anglican. We’re saying we were right all along. She’s an egalitarian mystic who never liked the Baptist statement of faith and rejects sufficiency of Scripture. When the SBC was no longer making her money, she left.”

Josh Buice, pastor of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia said, “The leftward theological drift is very much connected to a leftward cultural and ideological drift and neither one ends well.”

Other Leaders Show Their Support for Moore

Outreach Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Ed Stetzer, came to the defense of his good friend Beth Moore and said, “I became a believer in an Anglican church, and don’t feel a particular urge to return. Yet, today, I stand w/ my many Anglican friends, including @BethMooreLPM. I’m thankful for my friends in @The_ACNA—and think some Southern Baptists should be ashamed of themselves today. The ACNA is hardly a bastion of theological liberalism. And, if you don’t know how vestments and serving the eucharist work, maybe it’s best not to say anything—and then people won’t actually know you are ignorant. Maybe read some Anglicans and spend less time stalking Beth Moore. Here are a few you may have read already: J.I. Packer, C.S. Lewis, John Stott, Roland Allen, Dorothy Sayers, or a whole lot of colleagues at @WheatonCollege. And there are many more globally. Do better.”

Pastor and author Rev. Dr. Glenn Packiam wrote, “People, leave @BethMooreLPM alone. She left the only denomination she’s ever known and found light and beauty in the historicity and simplicity of the sacraments and the liturgy— and petty people come after her there too. The leaven of the Pharisees is in every tradition. God help us.”

Baptist pastor Keith Myer sarcastically pointed out that while Christian nationalism was on display the very same weekend at a megachurch in Dallas, Moore provided an easier target of criticism, saying, “Good thing Beth Moore did a thing and now we can focus attention on that thing and off of the thing that Jeffress did at First Baptist Church in Dallas.”

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Assistant Professor of Theology at Wheaton College Rev. Emily Hunter McGowin, Ph.D. said she is reporting the mean tweets directed at Moore saying, “Sister Beth Moore should be able to serve in her church—and her church be able to receive her service in worship—in peace without being targeted for public harassment by self-appointed heresy hunters. I’m reporting all such tweets & suggest you do the same. Is it funny to see some Baptists can’t tell an acolyte from a priest? Or a lector from a preacher? Sure. But the discussion shouldn’t be happening at all.”

SBC pastor and author Alan Cross shared that the recent comments directed toward Moore have made him question his association with the SBC, tweeting, “Those in the SBC attacking @BethMooreLPM for participating in Sunday worship of the non-SBC evangelical church she’s now a part of makes me reconsider being associated with them denominationally. What @PiggTimothy has done here is foul. The SBC is a big tent, but not that big. And, nothing can be done about it.”