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‘The Apostle Paul Wants the Women to Make the Sandwiches,’ Says Pastor Douglas Wilson

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According to the Apostle Paul, making sandwiches is part of the God-given role of a woman. So says Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho.

“There are sex roles and rules, and the fundemental sex rule is that we must respect the authority of the one who designed it all,” said Wilson in a video titled, “The Natural Use of the Woman.” He continued, “It follows that [God] knows where everything goes and where everyone should go. This applies to the basic facts of biology. God says to the woman, ‘You are the woman, and so you shall have the babies.’ This also applies in areas that some consider less obvious: ‘You are the man, and so when there is a loud noise downstairs in the middle of the night, you are the one who must go check.’”

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Douglas Wilson’s Marriage Advice for ‘Dawson’

Douglas Wilson’s video is 14 minutes of advice addressed to a fictional nephew of his named “Dawson.” The style is reminiscent of C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters.” Wilson’s purpose is to help Dawson pursue a biblical marriage, and the pastor spends his time discussing the evils of egalitarianism as opposed to a belief in the created differences between men and women as Wilson sees them. 

One metaphor Wilson uses to illustrate his point is that of a “complicated piece of machinery on a workbench.” God’s design for men and women, who have different roles, is like the design of a machine, which has pieces with different functions. What if Dawson were to assemble a machine while leaving one essential part out? And what if around his workbench were “observers and critics and media pundits who are telling you that all parts are equal,” said Wilson, noting that “what they meant by this is that all parts are the same.”   

It would be common sense to disassemble the machine and reassemble it correctly in order for it to work. This is what people would have told Dawson to do under the “old order,” said the pastor. “But under this weird new order of ours, wanting something to ‘work’ is a clear vestige of white supremacy.”  

Wilson did not give a specific example of what he meant by gender roles being labeled “white supremacy,” although he has published content on the latter topic. One possibility is that he is referring to the belief that any one interpretation of a biblical text is inherently oppressive.

Wilson then touched on the current chaos he sees in our society, saying, “Major cities are rapidly becoming uninhabitable because they have a ruling class that believes that a functioning society is the hallmark of oppression. So you do not just have the challenging task of finding a good and virtuous wife. You must find her while living in a madhouse.” 

Part of this madness is the belief that saying men and women are inherently different is “dictatorial, authoritarian, fascist.” But men and women are created different and not just in their physical bodies, says Wilson. Since God made our inner and outer beings, even our psyches have specific, gendered purposes. “A woman’s inner psychology is as uniquely configured as her womb is,” he said. “Godly women want to feed their men. Godly women are designed to make the sandwiches.”

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