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35 of the Craziest Things People Have Seen in Church

User “Clark McMillian” had an interesting comment about a similar situation that ended differently.

Numerous responses to Frederick’s question describe situations where people acted out of foolishness and selfishness. But other crazy church stories seem to come from people who have witnessed genuine spiritual activity, whether demonic or divine. 

User “kimi joestar” said, “A young boy in my church with really bad scoliosis was due for surgery the following monday. the Holy Spirit was very present in that service and while we prayed for other people, every time we looked back at him there was an improvement. he left that day with a straight spine.”

“A man start raving & screaming like a demon for 30 min or more while people prayed for him, then suddenly calm & cry like a baby nonstop as he gives his life to Jesus,” said user Debra Cooper. “A visiting prophet gave a highly specific & detailed prophesy [sic] over my husband, & every detail came true.”

What is your craziest crazy church story?