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Rams WR Van Jefferson’s Wife Goes Into Labor During Super Bowl; Posts ‘Too Much to Be Thankful For’

“Van Jefferson grabbed his daughter as she and his dad came onto the field and sprinted through the locker room and is heading to the hospital right now. Samaria, his wife, is having their son and was rushed to the hospital mid-game as she went into labor,” journalist Jourdan Rodrigue posted.

The Rams’ second year wide receiver said he was glad he didn’t know his wife was going into labor and said he would have been “freaking out” if he knew. “She’s a champ—I appreciate her doing that,” he said.

“There was one point during the game that I was in tears crying,” Samaria said, as she explained how close she was to delivering their new child. “I was covering my face so no one could see [my tears].”

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A month before the big game, Samaria asked the Lord to be her strength on Twitter, because her pregnancy was draining her. “I’m mentally, physically and emotionally drained as this pregnancy comes to an end. Lord be my strength, because I feel like I have nothing more to give,” she wrote.

Jefferson posted a series of photos on Instagram chronicling all the events that transpired over his family’s unforgettable day, writing, “Too much to be thankful for.”


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During an interview he gave in December, Jefferson shared that the number one thing he needs before every game is his mom praying with him. “My mom always prays with me before the game. We always go through a long talk with prayer. Her talking to me gets my mind focused and just that one thing with her praying with me—it makes a difference.”