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Greg Laurie Addresses ‘End Time’ Significance Following Russia’s Attack on Ukraine

Screengrab via Facebook @Greg Laurie

Harvest Christian Fellowship’s senior pastor Greg Laurie took on the question many Christians have been voicing about Russia’s unprovoked war on Ukraine and whether it relates to the End Times in Revelation.

“Is there any prophetic significance to what is happening in Ukraine right now and other events that are unfolding around the world?” Laurie asked. Then: “The answer is…Yes!”

In a video that has been viewed over 161,000 times on the pastor’s Facebook page, Laurie shared that he believes we are living in the last days.

Laurie opened the short video, saying, “I believe that Christ could come back at any moment. There are signs of times the Bible tells us to be looking for.”

Speaking from Matthew 24 where the disciples ask Jesus what the signs will be of His return and of the end of the age, Laurie said, “Jesus likened it to labor pains in a woman who’s ready to give birth—the idea being the closer they get together the closer you are to the birth.”

The more signs we see happening back-to-back it reminds us that Jesus’ return is nearing, Laurie continued.

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Jesus said that there “will be wars and rumors of wars,” he said. “War on a scale that we have not seen in a long time.”

Laurie pointed out that Matthew records Jesus saying plagues would around us in the last days. “If the coronavirus is not a plague, I don’t know what it is—a global plague.”

“The Bible warns of a world leader that will come and dominate and deceive people but ultimately reveal his true colors and he’s called the antichrist,” Laurie said. “I believe a lot of this government overreach—imposing themselves on their people is a sign of what is going to come later when the antichrist emerges on the scene.”

Citing biblical scholars, Laurie described the Ezekiel 38 prophecy of Magog attacking Israel and relating it to a modern-day Russia.

Ezekiel says that the Jewish people will be scatter and regather in their land again, Laurie explained. After the Holocaust, Jewish people began to return to their land and, “Israel officially became a nation on May 14, 1948. So that part of the prophecy has been fulfilled.”

“Then Scripture says a nation from the extreme north of Israel will march on her, called Gog and Magog,” Laurie said. “If you look on any map you will see that is the geographical area of Russia. Ukraine used to be a part of the Russian empire—they broke off in 1991—are they going to be part of Russia again? Could be, but the one thing that I think of is when I see the aggression of Russia or Magog —if you will—it’s a reminder that’s what we’re going to see when Magog attacks Israel.”

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“So Jesus said, when you see these things begin to happen, look up, because your redemption is drawing near,” the pastor proclaimed.

Here’s the bottom line,” Laurie said. “Bible prophecies are being fulfilled in our lifetime. It seems like we’re seeing more things happen in real-time—closer together—as the Scripture said they would be.”

The pastor told Christians to “look up” and to remember that God is in control. The last page of the Bible says that Christians win in the end, he said.

In closing, Laurie encouraged people to be praying for those in Ukraine. “They’re going through a time of great suffering right now,” and pray that God gives our leaders wisdom in the days ahead.