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Ed Stetzer Asked Pastors Share Their Most Embarrassing Baptism Experiences—The Responses Will Bring You to Tears 🤣

"I dropped him. We all laughed. Jesus wept." Photo courtesy of Geoff Mitchell.

Outreach Magazine’s editor-in-chief Ed Stetzer asked pastors and church leaders to share their most embarrassing baptism experiences on his social media channels earlier this week. His followers replied with numerous stories that are guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor.

North American Mission Board’s National Next Gen Director, Shane Pruitt, shared one funny baptism stories from when he was a youth pastor.

“One of the students that took a long time to reach—[he was the] prankster type—but completely fell in love with Jesus. Once he was saved, he was on fire,” Pruitt said. “I was in the baptism water—talking to the crowd—and about to bring him out. I turn to the side and he is standing at the top of the steps, where the crowd can’t see him with arm floaties and goggles on.

Pruitt said that he “lost it [and] no one knew why. He took them off quickly and I baptized him.”

Dare2Share Ministries founder Greg Stier reached out to ChurchLeaders and told us about a time when he announced to everyone on a cruise to gather around the pool to witness the baptism of his 10-year-old daughter—it wasn’t a Christian cruise.

“When my daughter was 10-years-old I took my family on a cruise to Alaska for my wife and I’s 25-year wedding anniversary,” Stier explained. “On the cruise I was convicted that I should baptize her because she had put her faith in Christ. In the early church they baptized in public settings, not hidden away in a church building. On the cruise ship’s main deck—in the middle of the day—where everybody was out, and right in front of the bar they were drinking and partying.”

Stier said, “I got in the water with my daughter and I made an announcement at the top of my lungs. ‘May I have your attention please. Everybody stop what you’re doing right now,’ and they did.”

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“People gathered up. They didn’t know what was going on. I said I’m about to baptize my daughter and that she had put her faith in Christ.” Stier then explained what baptism was, and some people looked concerned. He then told them “not to worry because I am a licensed professional. I gave the gospel and asked my daughter if she had put her faith in Jesus Christ. She responded, ‘Yes,’ and I baptized her. Everyone that was gathered around cheered. Then I told the crowd, ‘If you heard that gospel message and you’ve put your faith in Christ and would like to make that public, come on in the water is fine,’—Nobody responded.”

“People were congratulating my daughter and I got in the hot tub. This guy who was also in the hot tub said, ‘What the [bleep] was that all about?’ I told the guy that I’d baptize him right now. 🤣”

Those who say that God doesn’t have a sense of humor may change their mind after reading some of these experiences below.

Pastors’ Most Embarrassing Baptism Experiences

“One time we baptized a guy who was a semi-professional runner. After he gave his testimony, he pulled off his shirt (which was already unexpected) and then ripped off his snap-away pants and was just wearing those short runners shorts underneath. Then he just jumped in the tub—he didn’t seem to think it was odd at all that he was basically standing there in his underwear in front of our whole church.”