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In New Book, Baylor Coach Scott Drew Describes J.O.Y. of Putting Jesus First

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Ben Queen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While overseeing one of the biggest turnarounds in college basketball history, Baylor University men’s coach Scott Drew has received numerous accolades. But what matters most to him—and what he’s become known for—is spreading a culture of J.O.Y. that prioritizes Jesus.

Now Drew, 51, is sharing his life story, faith insights, and leadership lessons in a book published by Thomas Nelson. Titled “The Road to J.O.Y.: Leading With Faith, Playing With Purpose, Leaving a Legacy,” the book offers “an insider’s look at the others-first culture that spurred Baylor’s rebound.” Co-written with Don Yaeger, the May 3 release emphasizes that “faith is the foundation for everything Drew does.”

Scott Drew Takes Baylor From Scandal to Championship

When Drew arrived at Baylor in 2003, the team was dealing with drug scandals and the murder of one player by another. During those challenges, the coach says he relied on Jesus’ guidance and wisdom—and was able to point people to his source of help. “When you have what seems like an impossible task,” Drew writes, “don’t forget to ask Jesus to make the impossible possible.”

Baylor, located in Waco, Texas, is the world’s largest Baptist university. During Drew’s 19 years helming its men’s basketball program, he has won 419 games and racked up 13 seasons with 20 or more wins. The highlight occurred in April 2021, when the Bears won their first NCAA National Championship, defeating previously unbeaten Gonzaga 86-70.

Drew has taken Baylor to the NCAA Tournament eight other times and received numerous Coach of the Year awards. But his formula for true J.O.Y.—putting Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last—is what he wants to be remembered for. Speaking to The Christian Post, the coach says, “If you have that order right, then life is a lot more rewarding, fulfilling, and people want to be around you a lot more, that’s for sure.”

Coach Scott Drew Rallies His Team To Rely on God

During the pandemic “bubble” season, Baylor’s basketball team spent much more time together than usual. Drew credits those experiences with helping players and coaches get to know one another “a lot more intimately.”

In “The Road to J.O.Y.,” Drew also details his upbringing in a family who loved God and all types of competition. He followed in the footsteps of his dad, Homer Drew, a former head basketball coach at Valparaiso University. Scott Drew served as an assistant there under his father and then became the head coach after his dad retired. But after just one year at Valpo, Baylor came calling.