Home Christian News Conservative Christian Leaders Blast Democrats for Attempting to Codify Abortion Rights

Conservative Christian Leaders Blast Democrats for Attempting to Codify Abortion Rights

Biden’s statement was rebuked by Samaritan’s Purse CEO Franklin Graham, who tweeted, “Yesterday @POTUS Biden said that the right to an abortion comes from being a ‘child of God.’ Mr. President, that is just not true. Being a child of God does not give you the right to take the lives of the innocent. Abortion is a sin—simply put, it’s murder.”

Christian Leaders Blast Democratic Leadership

Rod Martin wasn’t the only Christian leader to express strong disapproval of the Democratic Senators’ actions yesterday. Texas pastor Tom Buck went as far as to say that church discipline might be necessary for church members who vote Democrat.

“In light of today’s vote by Democrats to legalize abortion until [the] moment of birth,” Buck tweeted, “we are rapidly reaching the point that voting for a Democrat should be a matter of church discipline.”

SBC presidential candidate and Florida pastor Tom Ascol argued in a Twitter thread that anyone who would vote for someone in favor of “legalized murder” is “foolish and sinful,” saying, “The attempt by the US Senate to codify the legal murder of unborn children further highlights how anemic Christian public theology is today. 49 Senators voted to legalize the murder of babies up to the point of their birth. Everyone of them is a Democrat.”

“Leaders who encourage Christians to [vote for Democratic candidates] are doubly culpable and have forfeited their right to be followed. If the innocent blood of Abel cried out to the Lord (Genesis 4:10),” Ascol went on to say.

Worship leader and activist Sean Feucht tweeted, “Tell me again how it’s all ‘political.’ One is clearly the party of death.”

Ryan Helfenbein, executive director of the Standing for Freedom Center and the vice president of communications and public engagement at Liberty University, gave praise to God for not allowing the Senate bill to pass.

“Enshrining Baby Murder as permanent law was defeated today 49-51,” Helfenbein wrote. “Praise God. I’m praying for the day when Abortion is defeated 100-0.”

Standing for Freedom Center writer William Wolfe said, “Imagine being so committed to killing children that, on the cusp of Roe v Wade being overturned, one of our two major political parties proactively chooses to vote to enshrine this evil. Now imagine being a pastor and saying that the Bible doesn’t tell us what to do about that.”