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Tim Tebow: ‘There Can Be Purpose in Your Pain,’ So Give It to God

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In an Instagram post about his new Bible study course, former pro athlete and outspoken Christian Tim Tebow assures viewers that “God will never waste your pain when you give it to him.” For Christians who are experiencing “pain, adversity, setbacks, and heartache,” he advises, “know that when you keep trusting God and you give that pain to him, he can create purpose in it, and I believe he will, and I believe he wants to.”

Tebow, a bestselling author, TV analyst, and philanthropist, has a new video curriculum titled “Mission Possible.” In each of the six sessions, according to the product website, “Tim draws on scripture and offers personal reflections to help you unlock your mission and make it possible.” The Bible study is a companion to Tebow’s recent book release with the same title.

Tim Tebow: Despite Pain, We Can Have ‘Great Significance’

Tebow’s July 17 Instagram post is captioned: “Keep trusting God. Keep going and taking one step at a time. I don’t know what you’re going through, I don’t know what pain you’re experiencing… but I do know that God promises He can use it for good for those who love Him!”

In the video, Tebow credits his sister with repeating these encouraging words: “God will never waste your pain when you give it to him.” He assures listeners, “There can be purpose in your pain.”

Tebow cites the loss of friends and loved ones, job setbacks, and other disappointments as troubles that weigh on people of faith. “It’s not pain-free,” he says of a “Mission Possible” life. But “there’s still meaning, and there still can be great significance.”

Tebow speaks from experience, after his NFL comeback attempt was short-lived. Despite career setbacks, his charitable efforts have been thriving. They include the “Night to Shine” prom for young adults with special needs, a foundation to end human trafficking, and a community center in Uganda.

“When we look at all the heroes of the Bible,” says Tebow, “almost every single one of them, through their pain was great purpose. And when they continued to take the next step, eventually there was great impact.”

For Fulfillment, Says Tim Tebow, Say Yes to God’s Purpose

“You have been sent here to go impact the world with a Mission Possible life,” Tebow says in a video about his Bible study. “We’ve been given a task, a job by the Creator of this universe. No matter how far gone, no matter the baggage that you feel like you have in your life, it’s not too much for Jesus. It doesn’t disqualify us from having a Mission Possible life that counts.”

With a mission, you’re not “aimless,” Tebow adds, but can focus on loving God and loving others. That’s possible not through our own strength or qualifications, he says, but “it’s through [Jesus], it’s with him, it’s because of him.”