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Women Are ‘Disproportionately Hurting’ American Churches, Education and Healthcare, Says Dennis Prager

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Dennis Prager speaking with attendees at the 2018 Student Action Summit hosted by Turning Point USA at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Women are “disproportionately hurting” the United States of America, according to conservative radio talk show host and writer Dennis Prager. Prager recently wrote an article arguing that women are leading the way in harming American education, healthcare and churches. 

“It should be obvious that at least two generations of parents — especially among the well-educated — did not teach many of their daughters to control their emotions and think rationally,” says Prager in his Aug. 30 article, “Women Are Disproportionately Hurting Our Country.” “The result is that women are disproportionately active in doing damage to our society.”

Dennis Prager: Women Need To Control Their Natures

Dennis Prager, who has been broadcasting on radio since 1982, is the host of The Dennis Prager Show, which became nationally syndicated in 1999.  He is also the founder of the conservative video site, PragerU. According to his website, PragerU draws one billion views per year, over half of which are from people younger than 35. The site’s presenters include Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Tucker Carlson, Allie Beth Stuckey and Jordan Peterson.

Prager opens his Aug. 30 post by mentioning a 1974 book by George Gilder called, “Naked Nomads: Unmarried Men in America.” According to Prager, the book “drove home the point that the biggest factor concerning violent crime was that it is overwhelmingly committed by single men.” Gilder’s book made a significant impact on Prager regarding the need for men to control their behavior, but Prager says he did not realize at the time that “society” was ignoring the need for women to do the same.

“Most people thought that girls just didn’t need to be raised to control their natures nearly as much as boys did,” says Prager, “But they do.” He believes that women are less likely than men to be violent or to be sexual predators. Women, however, have a propensity to cause harm in other ways by letting their emotions get out of control. 

Says Prager, “Just as the male sexual drive and violent impulses can overwhelm their conscience and their ability to think and act rationally, emotions can do the same thing in girls and women: overwhelm their conscience and their ability to think and act rationally.”

Prager sees evidence for this belief in several areas of society. Education is the “most obvious example.” Public schools are indoctrinating children, he says, and far more women than men are teachers. Therefore, women are primarily responsible for indoctrinating American children. Some of the harmful ideas Prager mentions are teaching children there are more than two genders and teaching children to feel guilty for being white. 

Prager notes that a woman (Nikole Hannah-Jones) was the creator of the “poisonous ‘1619 Project,’” which taught “young people to despise their country.” Prager also blames teachers and teachers’ unions for the COVID-19 lockdowns: “Teachers and their unions did great damage to young people during COVID-19. They demanded — because of their hypochondria and an apparent inability to apply reason to COVID-19 risk — that schools be closed for nearly two years.”

Healthcare is another sector of society where women are leading the way in destroying America, according to Prager. He writes:

Women physicians and health care workers are at the vanguard of ruining young people’s lives at children’s hospitals that push giving young people puberty-blocking hormones and opposite-gender hormones, performing hysterectomies and mastectomies on healthy girls who say they are boys, and chemically or physically castrating healthy boys who say they are girls.